Travel Tips For New York City

New York,​ New York – so good they named it​ twice – is​ one of​ the​ most fascinating,​ exciting and cultural cities in​ the​ world. Within the​ 20 square miles that comprise Manhattan can be found some of​ the​ world’s greatest museums,​ shops and restaurants,​ as​ well as​ a​ spectacular skyline that’s known the​ world over.

You could spend a​ lifetime in​ New York without experiencing everything fully. Some of​ the​ sights that any first time visitor to​ New York must see include the​ Empire State Building - for many years the​ world’s tallest building - the​ immigration museum at​ Ellis Island,​ the​ Statue of​ Liberty,​ Times Square and the​ United Nations Building.

One of​ the​ joys of​ visiting the​ city is​ simply to​ wander through the​ different and varied neighborhoods – Greenwich Village,​ Chinatown,​ the​ Theater District,​ Harlem and Little Italy. the​ outlying borough of​ Brooklyn has several attractions including the​ botanical gardens and the​ famous amusement park at​ Coney Island.

One of​ the​ biggest attractions is​ the​ city’s diversity - in​ New York you​ can hear virtually any language spoken and dine in​ a​ different ethnic restaurant every night for a​ month. Apart from Manhattan,​ the​ borough of​ Queens is​ also well known for its wide selection of​ foreign restaurants.

Shopping in​ New York is​ equally satisfying,​ offering world class department stores with such famous names as​ Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales. at​ the​ other end of​ the​ shopping spectrum are street markets,​ designer boutiques and specialty stores.

New York has some of​ the​ greatest museums in​ the​ world – several conveniently located together at​ the​ edge of​ Central Park. the​ Metropolitan Museum of​ Art attracts more visitors than any other place in​ the​ city and offers everything from Egyptian mummies to​ 20th century masterpieces.

On the​ other hand the​ city has over 50 smaller but fascinating museums dedicated to​ such diverse subjects as​ firefighting,​ tenement living and the​ history of​ finance. Children are not forgotten – there are several museums aimed at​ children as​ well as​ the​ ever popular Bronx Zoo with its more than 4,​000 animals.

Since the​ terrorist attacks on​ September 11th,​ 2001,​ one of​ New York’s biggest attractions has been the​ remains of​ the​ World Trade Center in​ Lower Manhattan. More than a​ tourist attraction,​ to​ many it’s a​ site of​ pilgrimage and a​ poignant reminder of​ the​ events of​ that day.
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