Travel Tips Define Your Ideal Honeymoon

First Things First – Define Your Ideal Honeymoon

Most people grow up with a​ preconceived notion of​ what an​ ideal honeymoon should involve. However,​ a​ bride’s idea of​ tropical paradise and a​ groom’s idea of​ a​ ski resort could conflict.

Consider these questions as​ soon as​ honeymoon talks begin:

  • What is​ most important? Sun and surf or​ the​ privacy of​ a​ cozy mountain retreat?

  • Are you​ looking to​ experience new cultures in​ distant lands or​ do you​ just want to​ get away from it​ all?

  • Do you​ want to​ go around the​ corner or​ around the​ world?

  • Do you​ want to​ spend more on​ the​ wedding or​ the​ honeymoon?

  • Niagara Falls like your parents? the​ Caribbean like your friends? Europe like your ancestors?

  • What sounds better: a​ cruise,​ a​ package vacation or​ an​ all-inclusive resort?

Types of​ Honeymoons

Unless your dream destination has already been set in​ stone,​ first decide what type of​ vacation you​ want and then narrow down your list of​ destinations accordingly.

Resorts are the​ most popular honeymoon destinations,​ for they transport you​ into another world for a​ miraculous escape from the​ daily grind. Often set in​ the​ most picturesque places in​ the​ world,​ they include pools,​ private beaches and golf courses,​ as​ well as​ culinary delights and relaxing spas.

All-inclusive resorts streamline the​ enjoyment process by including everything — your room,​ transfers,​ recreational facilities,​ meals and drinks — all in​ one price. Without the​ worries of​ wondering how much everything little thing will cost,​ you​ are free to​ live the​ high life and experience everything you​ want as​ often as​ you​ want it.

If an​ all-inclusive resort sounds tempting but too stationary,​ consider taking a​ cruise. Cruises are floating resorts that whisk you​ away to​ one exotic port after another.

Looking for adventure? Ask us to​ help find you​ and your fiance' some outdoor exhilaration! Whether it’s white-water rafting in​ Colorado,​ hiking through the​ Alps or​ taking an​ African safari,​ sharing the​ experience will become a​ vital bond you​ both will share forever.

Cultural and historical trips are fascinating and romantic ways to​ reconnect with the​ past. Visit a​ famous European city — Paris,​ London,​ Rome…the list goes on​ — and inhale the​ culture,​ soak in​ the​ sights and experience the​ art of​ living. or​ dive into the​ rich history of​ the​ old world country from which your family originated. the​ unique perspective you​ gain will become a​ central root for your future family tree.

Want Stress Free? Leave it​ to​ a​ Professional

We can save you​ money as​ well as​ time — two enormous factors for a​ couple trying to​ plan a​ wedding and a​ honeymoon simultaneously. We specialize in​ providing personalized suggestions to​ suit your interests and your budget!

Begin early and share the​ planning. to​ ensure that you​ both enjoy the​ honeymoon,​ make all the​ decisions together.

Make time for yourselves. Pad your honeymoon schedule with generous amounts of​ free time,​ for a​ rushed and overly organized honeymoon might feel too much like your wedding. Instead,​ plan a​ few enjoyable activities and leave lots of​ opportunities to​ just enjoy each other's company.

Set a​ tentative budget. Talk about your expectations and priorities from the​ very beginning and decide what you​ might splurge on​ and where you​ might cut corners.

Splurge on​ whatever accommodations you​ choose. No matter what type of​ vacation package you​ choose,​ you​ will spend an​ enormous amount of​ time in​ your room or​ cabin. Make it​ special — make it​ unforgettable.

Use your maiden name. Unless you’re taking a​ delayed honeymoon,​ you​ won’t have time to​ change the​ name on​ your passport and driver’s license. Use your maiden name on​ visas,​ airline tickets,​ etc.,​ so they match as​ it​ appears on​ your official documents.

Tell the​ world you’re on​ your honeymoon. Stand up on​ every chair,​ on​ every rock and shout,​ “We’re on​ our honeymoon!” Everyone from strangers to​ airlines to​ hotels will take notice and cheerfully offer you​ such special treatment such as​ complimentary champagne in-flight or​ a​ gift basket in​ your room. Go ahead,​ it’s your honeymoon!

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