Travel Reservation Tips For A Hassle Free Trip

Start with the​ basics. Anyone who wants to​ enjoy a​ hassle-free trip has to​ start with the​ basic concern of​ any traveler - how to​ handle travel reservations. Here are a​ number of​ tips that may help:

Decide on​ a​ travel plan - specific destination,​ how many days,​ what activities,​ etc. the​ attention given to​ this first step will ensure smooth sailing in​ making the​ travel arrangements.

If the​ destination is​ a​ foreign country,​ make sure all information that would be needed in​ making reservations are on​ hand.

Airline Reservations

If booking on​ online,​ use a​ reservation site where ticket prices for all airlines are shown so a​ comparison can be readily seen. if​ booking for more than one person,​ check also the​ ticket price for both a​ single passenger and multiple passengers. Some airlines quote different prices.

If notification of​ your reservation is​ done by e-mail,​ make sure that the​ ticket price quoted is​ the​ same. Sometimes,​ some airlines claim the​ airfare booked earlier is​ no longer available.

Hotel Reservations

Ask if​ the​ rate is​ a​ flat rate or​ per person. Ask how many beds are in​ the​ room and what the​ size is. Make sure to​ finalize a​ rate before getting off the​ phone.

Ask about tax rates that would be added.

Will breakfast be included with the​ price of​ the​ room? What time is​ it​ served and what is​ included.

Are there guarantee and cancellation policies? Most hotels require guarantee for reservation with a​ credit card. Will they ask a​ check deposit?

If this is​ a​ standard reservation,​ make sure there is​ a​ confirmation number.
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