Travel Channels Samantha Brown Shares Her Top Packing Tips

Chances are packing properly won't make or​ break your next vacation-unless you​ forget something major-but it​ can still be more important to​ a​ pleasant voyage than you​ think. With constantly changing security regulations,​ here are some tips from Travel Channel's Samantha Brown on​ getting your vacation off to​ a​ good start:

• Don't overpack. It's better to​ rewear clothing than to​ carry around items you​ don't need,​ and as​ a​ last resort you​ can always shop at​ your destination. Try to​ pack so that each piece of​ clothing can be paired with everything else,​ every top with every bottom.

• Start with a​ base of​ one basic color. Black,​ brown and navy are versatile. Even in​ Europe,​ dress codes are relaxing at​ many restaurants,​ so you​ may only need to​ pack jeans (but if​ you​ have a​ specific restaurant in​ mind,​ check with it​ or​ your guidebook before going).

• Colorful accessories brighten up both day and night outfits. a​ scarf or​ pashmina can double as​ a​ sash or​ wrap for your shoulders.

• Buy small plastic bottles for your toiletries so you​ are not lugging around your six-month supply of​ shampoo.

• Clear plastic bags let security inspectors go through your luggage more easily without having to​ unpack it. it​ has to​ be done,​ so you​ may as​ well make it​ easier for everyone-including yourself.

• Try to​ pack clothes that don't have to​ be ironed. Vacation should be an​ escape from housework,​ and not all hotels have ironing boards available.

If you​ need inspiration to​ use these tips,​ Brown's show,​ "Passport to​ Europe,​" airs Thursdays at​ 8 PM (ET/PT) on​ the​ Travel Channel. From stomping grapes with the​ locals on​ the​ Greek island of​ Mykonos to​ indulging in​ a​ traditional meal of​ fondue and Swiss yodeling in​ Geneva,​ Switzerland,​ Brown's travels allow her to​ meet the​ locals,​ explore the​ cities and immerse herself within the​ cultures. in​ addition to​ practical information and tips on​ getting there and getting around,​ Brown connects with a​ variety of​ local experts who provide unparalleled access to​ the​ must-see sites,​ the​ unknown treasures that aren't in​ the​ travel guides and the​ places to​ eat that only the​ insiders know.
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