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One of​ the​ richest and most powerful countries in​ the​ world,​ United States of​ America has densely populated urban areas and is​ the​ third largest territory. But some part of​ the​ country is​ scarcely populated and the​ large stretch of​ land left unused,​ which is​ full of​ scenic beauty and panoramic view. you​ will find people from all over the​ world settled in​ USA. it​ is​ very difficult to​ give a​ brief account of​ this country as​ it​ has lot much to​ see and do which is​ bound to​ hold to​ spell bound. Like any other countries this country has gone through many upheavals and emerged as​ the​ most powerful nation.

The country has the​ spectacular combinations of​ smaller towns and larger cities. on​ one hand it​ boasts of​ the​ urban areas and on​ the​ other hand it​ has the​ rich wealth of​ forests,​ mountains,​ prairie region and much more. Many tourists and travelers favorite destination houses hundreds of​ tourists spot in​ every city. in​ the​ eastern coast of​ the​ country there are cities like New York,​ the​ most famous and the​ leading in​ business and finance and has number of​ skyscrapers. the​ city Washington D.C is​ the​ capital of​ the​ country where you​ will get an​ opportunity to​ see White House the​ house of​ President. the​ city will simply overwhelm you​ with its museum,​ they portray the​ culture,​ lifestyle,​ art and architecture and the​ rich heritage of​ the​ country. the​ city Boston is​ well known as​ Bean Town.

Also worth visiting is​ Atlanta,​ where the​ 1996 Olympics were held Miami is​ one of​ the​ most popular International Tourist Destinations in​ the​ world. it​ is​ also well known for its Latin Culture,​ inexhaustible nightlife and marvelous beaches. Moving ahead to​ the​ west coast from Washington to​ California you​ will come across the​ most amazing places for relaxation and adventure sports. Los Angeles is​ the​ universe in​ itself,​ a​ place where you​ can witness life in​ all hues; people from all strata of​ society exist here. This city is​ world famous for the​ most renowned film industry Hollywood. it​ has beaches giving breathtaking experiences in​ surfing. More thrilling adventures await in​ Colorado where you​ can go for white water rafting.

Moving on​ to​ the​ Pacific Coast Highway we get to​ see the​ immaculate beauty of​ San Francisco,​ a​ home of​ Golden Gate Bridge and the​ prison island Alcatraz. the​ dazzling beaches and the​ mountains shrouded by clouds are worth seeing. the​ travelers can enjoy day trips to​ beaches,​ deserts and wine countries. the​ Windy City Chicago situated on​ the​ shore of​ the​ Great Lakes is​ believed to​ be the​ fastest growing city in​ the​ world with the​ high standard of​ living and richest lifestyle. the​ skyscraper was first made in​ Chicago and we could see the​ most beautiful experiments in​ downtown. the​ city is​ the​ hub of​ many theaters and world famous for its strong tradition of​ music the​ Jazz,​ and Blues.

With its vast expanse and huge variety,​ travelers get an​ opportunity to​ see many things at​ one place called United States of​ America. if​ we take the​ aerial look of​ the​ country then only it​ would be somewhat possible to​ decide what to​ be seen first.
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