Top Tips For Traveling Abroad On A Budget

When most people think of​ vacations,​ especially traveling abroad,​ the​ first thing that comes to​ mind is​ their inability to​ afford a​ vacation. While it​ certainly makes sense to​ save up as​ much money as​ you​ can before jetting off,​ there are a​ few ways that you​ can lessen your expenses and enjoy your vacation without breaking your budget.

Saving on​ accommodation
While the​ thought of​ staying in​ top-class accommodation can be appealing,​ the​ reality is​ that you’ll probably be doing little more than sleeping and showering there. it​ makes sense then to​ spend a​ little less on​ accommodation so you​ have more to​ spend on​ other things.

Group tours
Group tours are often equated with young people who end up spending more time in​ the​ local pubs than anywhere else. Don’t underestimate them,​ though – group tours (and there are many that don’t require you​ to​ be young and single!) have a​ number of​ advantages.

-Meeting new people
-All-inclusive costs – many tours include meals and hotel transfers,​ which is​ convenient as​ well as​ possibly saving money.
-Seeing attractions you​ otherwise wouldn’t. Most group tours are geared towards fitting in​ as​ many sight-seeing opportunities as​ possible - which you​ may not have had time to​ see if​ you​ had to​ find your own way around,​ or​ may not have even known about!

Make use of​ public transport
As well as​ allowing you​ to​ become familiar with your surroundings and get your bearings,​ making use of​ public transport (even if​ it’s just in​ and around the​ city centre) to​ go short distances is​ much cheaper than hiring a​ car or​ catching cabs.

Use travel guides
Any good bookshop will stock travel guides for many of​ the​ main countries and cities of​ the​ world. These often include details of​ free or​ cheap attractions,​ inexpensive accommodation and where to​ dine on​ a​ budget.

Don’t underestimate discount tourist attractions
When it​ comes to​ tourist attractions,​ cheap (or even free!) doesn’t have to​ equal boring. Options such as​ exploring botanical gardens,​ markets and landmarks can be a​ relaxing way to​ spend your ‘down time’.

While there are many ways that you​ can trim your budget,​ the​ above tips are a​ good place to​ start. if​ you​ are sensible and open-minded,​ it​ really is​ possible to​ enjoy a​ decent overseas holiday without throwing your budget out the​ window.
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