Tips While You Travel Through Southwest Airlines

If you​ reside in​ the​ south west or​ you​ have to​ travel to​ the​ southwest,​ most of​ the​ times you​ travel through Southwest Airlines. you​ can take help of​ the​ south west airline guide to​ know all the​ available flights and the​ arrival and departure time as​ well the​ fares and all the​ necessary information related to​ your travel. But to​ save some bucks and make your travel easier,​ you​ need to​ follow some tips.

1. you​ should seek for the​ best fares available for a​ travel program and because these are very time limited you​ need to​ decide fast that which one will be good for you. you​ can plan in​ advance for your travel visit and check out the​ website of​ the​ airlines or​ help guide so as​ to​ save many bucks of​ yours.

2. you​ can also join the​ Southwest Frequent Traveler Program whereby if​ you​ have to​ make frequent visits with southwest you​ can buy tickets for your short trips and use the​ free tickets that you​ will earn for your longer and expensive trips.

3. Since Southwest finds that boarding is​ better and takes less time when they board the​ travelers in​ groups,​ they doesn’t assign seats. you​ have groups namely A,​ B and C where a​ is​ the​ best group that gives you​ a​ chance to​ board first. you​ can also make more seating selection and can also assure a​ bin for your carry on​ luggage when you​ get the​ A-status. you​ would get a​ C- status that will end up you​ in​ a​ middle seat or​ you​ have to​ check your carry on​ luggage.

4. The pilot of​ the​ airlines stands below the​ Jetway before the​ incoming flight arrives and you​ need to​ queue up before some time the​ flight arrives. if​ you​ stand half an​ hour before the​ arriving flight,​ you​ should find your place next to​ a​ seat in​ the​ boarding area but this works when your place in​ the​ queue or​ line happens to​ be next to​ a​ seat.

5. Sometimes you​ will need to​ wait to​ get your pass. you​ can obtain a​ pass by paying a​ small fee to​ some companies that assist you​ in​ reserving your pass in​ advance.

6. Before the​ general boarding,​ children of​ the​ age group in​ between five to​ eleven who are not accompanied by elders,​ adults traveling with any child below the​ age of​ five and people with physical disabilities are allowed for a​ pre board. as​ such,​ when you​ make your reservation and check in​ you​ should provide your personal or​ special status.

7. Previously you​ had to​ print your boarding pass at​ home even if​ it​ was midnight before you​ travel but now they have a​ 24 hour window that provides you​ with printed boarding passes.

8. You need to​ weigh your luggage prior you​ proceed to​ board in​ the​ flight and since there are certain luggage policies you​ are allowed to​ carry small personal size briefcase or​ purse with you​ and you​ need to​ place large items in​ the​ overhead bins. in​ case you​ had a​ C status and all the​ bins are filled up you​ will have to​ check your carry on​ luggage.

9. You should try to​ reach on​ time and while you​ board go directly to​ your chosen row,​ set your luggage and sit down instead of​ chatting with your friends. When the​ plane fills yup,​ you​ can head to​ back and never backtrack. Don’t carry heavy luggage that you​ can’t lift up to​ the​ overhead bin because at​ that moment you​ yourself are responsible for settling down your luggage.

10. you​ can avail gifts and discounts while you​ are on​ the​ board as​ you​ get some discount coupons and can get rapid rewards and credits that you​ can use in​ your later travel.

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