Tips To Survive The Holiday Travel Season

The holiday season is​ nearly upon us,​ and with more and more people gearing up this year to​ travel during the​ Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season,​ the​ thought of​ doing so yourself can be a​ daunting prospect. Fortunately,​ if​ you​ can keep a​ few things in​ mind,​ the​ upcoming holiday travel season doesn't have to​ be quite as​ overwhelming as​ in​ years past.

Directions Are Everything

Sure,​ there are all the​ stereotypes about men not wanting to​ ask for directions,​ and the​ validity of​ those stereotypes is​ for another time. That being said,​ getting quality directions that you​ can trust and that you​ know will get you​ there is​ paramount to​ making your trip as​ smooth as​ possible. Calling your destination,​ be that a​ brother,​ grandmother,​ uncle,​ or​ hotel,​ for directions is​ a​ good first step. Not only will they more than likely know the​ best way to​ get you​ there,​ but they will also probably know go detours in​ the​ event of​ traffic,​ accidents,​ or​ construction.

In the​ event that your destination doesn't have good directions for you,​ there are seemingly endless websites online that will give you​ turn by turn directions,​ distances,​ times,​ and even maps. Take those with a​ grain of​ salt as​ they may not be completely up to​ date due to​ construction changes to​ traffic patterns,​ addition or​ subtraction of​ exits,​ or​ the​ addition or​ removal of​ traffic signs saying which roads you're allowed to​ travel on.

Games,​ Movies,​ Books,​ and Snacks

The kids don't like the​ 13 hour drive any more than you​ do,​ but at​ least you​ get to​ drive. Video games,​ card games,​ personal video players,​ even books (if motion sickness isn't an​ issue) are a​ great way to​ help make the​ drive pass for kids. Many of​ your local electronics stores sell VHS and DVD players that have small monitors already attached for a​ very reasonable price and allow you​ to​ avoid having an​ entire home entertainment center installed into your car just for road trips.

Make Sure Your Car is​ Working Fine

Checking your tires for air pressure and tread and checking the​ oil and coolant in​ your engine is​ an​ easy way to​ make sure that you're not one of​ those families on​ the​ side of​ the​ road waiting for a​ tow truck. Every year families find themselves on​ the​ side of​ the​ road with flat tires from worn tread or​ bad air pressure or​ with engines billowing smoke from something that would have cost next to​ nothing to​ have checked and fixed ahead of​ time. Spending a​ little bit of​ time and effort up front can save you​ spending a​ lot of​ time and money later.

Check Your Insurance

While you​ certainly don't want anything bad to​ happen,​ in​ the​ event that something bad does happen,​ it​ helps to​ have your insurance information with you. Pretty much any state you're travelling through will require you​ to​ have some sort of​ car insurance,​ even if​ it's just cheap car insurance. Making sure that you​ have your insurance information,​ whether it's North Carolina car insurance,​ Virginia car insurance,​ or​ another state,​ is​ a​ good way to​ make sure that if​ the​ worst happens,​ you​ know what you're covered against.

Before you​ set out you​ should also check to​ see what your insurance covers in​ the​ way of​ towing,​ roadside assistance,​ and rentals in​ the​ event something does happen to​ your car and you​ need help or​ another way to​ continue your vacation. Getting stuck at​ Grandma's house because your insurance doesn't cover a​ rental and your car exploded is​ no way to​ spend the​ Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday.

Be Prepared

This is​ the​ holiday driving season,​ when the​ seeming entirety of​ the​ United States driving population will converge on​ the​ roads at​ the​ same time. Plan ahead to​ give yourself plenty of​ time,​ factoring in​ stops for food,​ gas,​ and just to​ stretch your legs. Leave early and expect to​ get to​ your destination early. Remember that for every great driver out there that will let you​ merge in​ front of​ them there's somebody that will cut you​ off and cause an​ accident if​ you're not paying attention. Stay on​ your toes,​ relax,​ and enjoy your vacation this holiday season.
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