Tips To Spend Smarter This Travel Season

Travelers are likely to​ spend more this year than in​ years past. According to​ the​ latest research from the​ Travel Industry Association of​ America,​ total travel expenditure among U.S. residents increased by 5.3 percent in​ 2018. Whether planning a​ weekend escape or​ a​ tropical getaway,​ there are ways to​ hit the​ road without breaking the​ bank. Here are some tips that will help you​ stretch your resources so that you​ can get the​ most out of​ your trip:

Budget Before you​ Go. Determine in​ advance how much the​ entire trip-meals,​ transportation,​ travel accommodations,​ entertainment,​ shopping and miscellaneous expenses,​ such as​ admission to​ theme parks and museums-will cost. Online resources,​ such as​,​ provide budget calculators that help itemize vacation spending. if​ you​ know how much the​ total trip will cost,​ you​ can save toward your goal before you​ pack your bags.

Reap Your Rewards. It's time to​ cash in​ rewards points you've been earning all year on​ your credit or​ debit card. First,​ determine your eligibility. Do you​ have enough points to​ get to​ your destination? Are you​ traveling during dates when rewards points are accepted? Have any of​ your points expired since you​ last checked? Once you​ know your rewards status,​ determine how best to​ use them. if​ your initial travel dates and preferred destination don't work,​ consider being flexible with your plans to​ save on​ major expenses,​ such as​ airfare and hotel accommodations.

Do it​ Yourself. Tourist groups or​ high-priced guides can drain your budget quickly. Be your own guide by reading up online or​ at​ the​ library before you​ arrive. Use of​ these free resources can help you​ put together a​ personalized tour without spending big bucks. if​ you​ prefer guided tours,​ advance research allows you​ to​ invest in​ parts of​ the​ trip that matter most and self-guide through the​ rest of​ your vacation.

Pack Your Wallet Wisely. Today's travelers have more choice than ever when it​ comes to​ handling trip expenses. in​ addition to​ credit and debit cards,​ many travelers are using prepaid cards,​ which allow them to​ pay up front and then access the​ funds by using the​ card like a​ debit card. Protections make these cards more secure than carrying cash or​ traveler's checks with all the​ convenience of​ a​ debit card. Visa TravelMoney ( even provides lost luggage reimbursement without requiring purchase of​ travel with the​ card-those who carry an​ activated and eligible card are automatically covered. Packing your wallet with a​ range of​ payment options will allow you​ to​ take advantage of​ such benefits when you​ least expect them and need them most.

Treat Travel as​ an​ Investment. While heading out on​ a​ road trip or​ exploring Europe can feel like an​ escape from reality,​ your budget stays the​ same. if​ you​ have a​ special trip in​ mind,​ treat it​ as​ a​ long-term investment. Set aside funds monthly so that you​ can book the​ room with the​ ocean view or​ stay an​ extra day. Vacation requires time and money,​ but it​ is​ also an​ investment in​ you​ and your family's future with the​ potential for cultural enrichment,​ rest and relaxation.

Finally,​ wherever you​ travel this summer,​ don't let rising prices keep you​ from enjoying your dream vacation. With a​ little extra planning and some smart choices,​ you'll be packing your bags in​ no time.

Many travelers are using payment cards to​ cover travel expenses,​ which are safer than carrying cash and more conve-nient than traveler's checks.
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