Tips To Save Money Traveling To A Beach Destination

Those who use their vacation time each year often opt to​ use it​ in​ the​ summer months when gas prices are high and everyone else is​ vacationing too. This often leads to​ flaring tempers on​ the​ road and at​ the​ destination due to​ overcrowding and the​ rise in​ prices. Taking your vacation in​ the​ summer means inevitably having to​ pay more because this is​ the​ time of​ year when travel companies and tourist destinations raise prices in​ an​ effort to​ bilk as​ much revenue as​ they can get within the​ short three month window in​ which their businesses operate in​ the​ red.

A vacation is​ supposed to​ be about relaxation and freedom from frustration and worry. I find this is​ easy to​ do if​ I take my vacations in​ the​ winter. I hate winter and the​ uncontrollable shivering that comes with it. For this reason,​ every year when my vacation rolls around I pack my suit case and head for a​ warmer climate,​ such as​ sandy beach destination.

It’s pointless to​ go searching for a​ warm beach destination in​ the​ winter though; especially on​ the​ East Coast,​ as​ well as​ on​ the​ West Coast (yes people,​ California is​ not always sunny and warm). This is​ why I choose Hawaii. I had one of​ the​ most spectacular beach vacations in​ a​ Hawaii a​ few years ago. it​ was filled with beautiful landscapes,​ crystal clear water and activities I never would have imagined could exist in​ one place. I haven’t been back since,​ but I intend on​ getting back there some day soon.

While Hawaii is​ nice,​ so is​ the​ Caribbean. Words can’t describe just how nice the​ beaches of​ the​ Caribbean islands are. the​ Dominican Republic is​ also a​ nice place to​ vacation (I did so last year). However,​ make sure and stick to​ the​ tourist areas and the​ gorgeous beaches for your own safety.

All of​ these destinations have provided me with one great beach vacation after the​ next,​ but my personal favorite was St. Lucia. Though it​ was the​ most expensive vacation I ever took,​ it​ was well worth it. I have a​ memorable picture of​ a​ beautiful sunset that I personally took while I was there.

On a​ sentimental level,​ Puerto Rico is​ a​ personal favorite of​ mine. it​ was not the​ best of​ the​ islands I have visited,​ but it​ is​ where I met my wife and remains a​ place that has etched many a​ memorable moment into my mind.

One of​ the​ best parts about taking an​ exotic beach vacation in​ the​ winter is​ that it​ is​ easy to​ find great travel deals. Oh,​ and did I mention the​ crowds are not nearly as​ bad. Keep this in​ mind the​ next time you’re dragging the​ family to​ Disneyland in​ August with a​ hundred-thousand other families in​ 103 degree temperatures,​ and maybe next time you’ll give the​ beach a​ try in​ winter.
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