Tips On Staying Healthy While Traveling

When we think of​ healthy travel issues,​ most of​ us think of​ travel to​ exotic destinations where they have tropical diseases. Domestic travel can make you​ sick,​ too,​ though unless you​ take some precautions. Here are a​ few ways to​ travel healthy when traveling.

Make sure you​ have any prescription medications that you​ need with you. They should be in​ the​ original bottles,​ and you​ should keep them in​ your purse or​ carry-on luggage.

Make sure you​ have any over-the-counter medications that you​ usually take,​ too. Acetaminophen,​ anti-diarrhea medication,​ antacids and antihistamines are always handy to​ have with you.

If you​ plan to​ do any sports or​ outdoor activities,​ you​ might want to​ carry a​ simple first aid kit.

Keep a​ list of​ all the​ medications you​ take and your medical history with you​ at​ all times. if​ you​ are diabetic or​ have other health conditions,​ consider wearing a​ medicalert tag or​ bracelet,​ or​ carrying a​ medicalert card with you.

Immunizations are important for healthy travel. Make sure they are up to​ date. Check to​ see when your last tetanus shot was and get one if​ it’s been over five years,​ and make sure you​ get a​ flu shot. Planes,​ trains and buses are ideal breeding grounds for all kinds of​ viruses.

Wash your hands
Wash them often. Carry antibacterial hand washing gel with you,​ and wash frequently. Germy people have touched everything,​ and those germs get on​ your hands and then they make you​ sick. the​ easiest way to​ prevent travel colds is​ to​ wash your hands a​ lot.

Drink lots of​ water
Travel tends to​ dehydrate you. Airplanes,​ especially,​ have very dry air in​ them. Avoid caffeinated or​ alcoholic beverages because they tend to​ make you​ more dehydrated. if​ you​ are flying,​ avoid carbonated beverages because the​ gas expands while you​ are in​ the​ air,​ and you​ know what kind of​ problems that can cause,​ especially for your seat mate. Bottled water is​ best if​ you​ are unsure about the​ safety of​ local water.

If you​ are stuck in​ a​ bus,​ train or​ plane seat for long periods of​ time,​ you​ can develop blood clots in​ your legs,​ which can be very dangerous. Get up and walk around as​ much as​ possible. Take a​ good walk at​ rest stops. as​ a​ general rule,​ you​ shouldn’t sit for more than a​ couple of​ hours at​ a​ time. if​ sitting is​ unavoidable,​ stretch your legs out and move them around frequently.

Follow these healthy travel hints and you​ can avoid most illnesses,​ even when traveling domestically.
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