Tips On How Frequent Travelers Can Stay Healthy

Travel for business or​ pleasure can bring to​ the​ fore several health concerns. the​ most common ailments people experience while on​ a​ trip are hypertension,​ colds,​ and diarrhea. in​ order to​ build up resistance to​ fight diseases you​ must adopt a​ healthy lifestyle. Get adequate rest,​ adopt a​ good exercise program,​ eat balanced meals,​ avoid fast foods,​ and food full of​ saturated fats,​ and take vitamins and any other medication prescribed by the​ doctor. One of​ the​ simplest rules to​ stay healthy while traveling is​ never eat uncooked foods and do not drink water that is​ suspect.

To protect yourself pack a​ small medicine kit as​ well as​ your medical records and insurance card. to​ maintain your health be sure to​ follow an​ exercise regime while traveling. you​ must walk,​ jog,​ swim,​ or​ use the​ hotel gym. or​ you​ could play an​ exercise tape on​ your lap top and do your exercises in​ the​ hotel room. the​ secret to​ staying healthy is​ to​ stick to​ a​ routine and eat balanced meals at​ regular times.

Here are a​ few tips:

• For every time zone you​ cross,​ take a​ day’s rest to​ allow your body clock to​ reset itself.

• Avoid alcohol but drink plenty of​ fluids. the​ crucial thing is​ to​ avoid dehydration.

• While on​ the​ plane try and rest as​ much as​ possible and exercise by getting up and moving down the​ aisles.

• Eat low fat meals on​ the​ plane,​ eat lightly,​ avoid salty,​ rich,​ and fatty foods.

• The CDC recommends that you​ drink only bottled water and that too the​ carbonated kind. the​ water bottles must be sealed and opened by you​ only. Do not use ice cubes under any circumstances and drink out of​ a​ straw.

• Use bottled water for brushing your teeth and for gargling. Wash you​ toothbrush in​ bottled water. Try and avoid using tap water.

• Eat and drink anything that is​ at​ boiling point or​ deep fried. Eat freshly cooked food. Avoid meat and seafood if​ you​ are traveling in​ interior areas where the​ meat is​ unlikely to​ be fresh and freezers and refrigerators are not dependable.

• While in​ flight you​ should do a​ few stretching exercises to​ avoid cramped muscles. Yawn frequently or​ chew gum to​ de-pressurize your ears. Avoid drinking coffee before and during a​ flight. Wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing. Include plenty of​ greens and carbohydrates in​ your pre-flight meals. Relax as​ much as​ possible and take a​ few deep breaths before boarding a​ flight.

• If you​ suffer from hypertension,​ motion sickness,​ an​ overactive bladder,​ weak digestion,​ or​ allergies consult your doctor before undertaking an​ extended trip.

Be sure to​ pack in​ your carry on​ bag a​ bottle of​ water,​ a​ few snacks especially if​ you​ are diabetic,​ as​ well as​ your first aid kit. Pack a​ light jacket or​ sweater to​ wear in​ case there are great variations in​ temperature.
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