Tips For The Woman Traveling Solo

Women are vulnerable! Sounds true but it​ definitely rings a​ bell in​ women’s mind that why do they need to​ be thought as​ vulnerable to​ any mishap? Be it​ traveling or​ business trips,​ there has been a​ steep rise in​ women traveling abroad all alone. And because of​ their vulnerability,​ they are likely to​ encounter more problems. So,​ here are some winning tips on​ how you​ can counteract your susceptibility to​ any mishap or​ avoid any problem and yet enjoy your trip to​ its fullest no matter at​ what corner of​ globe you​ are.

Mug up the​ Place

Sounds strange? Well,​ before you​ head off,​ you​ must have a​ fair idea about the​ country and place you​ are going to​ visit. Knowing about the​ culture of​ the​ country will facilitate enjoying your trip while being a​ part of​ the​ same culture. you​ can easily get this information from a​ tourist guide for any country.

Passports and Visas

Before planning your trip,​ you​ must be sure of​ your passport validity. if​ it’s not valid,​ then don’t delay and apply for a​ new one. For the​ countries you​ plan to​ visit,​ keep all your required travel documents or​ visas updated and ready.

Say No to​ Valuables

Carrying extra jewelry and credit cards will simply invite anti-social elements like thieves. So,​ it’s better to​ leave all valuables at​ home. Don’t even put on​ costume jewelry that only looks expensive. That will pose an​ unnecessary risk to​ your security as​ thieves would hardly have any idea about real and artificial until after they steal it.

Don’t Forget This

You are going away from your native place and will be alone. So,​ don’t forget to​ leave these important details with your relatives or​ friends so that they can track and help you​ in​ any urgency.

Your detailed itinerary and schedules including names of​ places,​ addresses,​ telephone numbers,​ copies of​ your passport identification page,​ your flight and ticket details

Health Insurance and Prescription Drugs

Check to​ see whether you​ hold adequate health insurance coverage for your visit abroad. if​ not,​ you​ must purchase supplemental traveler's insurance to​ keep your trip safe and sound. if​ you​ are on​ any prescription drugs,​ make sure that your stock can cover your entire trip including some extra medications in​ case your stay is​ delayed. Keep your prescriptions only in​ labeled containers to​ avoid any misunderstanding of​ drug trafficking.

Be Confident

Be confident when you​ land in​ a​ foreign territory. Look,​ act and move as​ if​ you​ well versed in​ the​ ways. Be confident in​ doing everything from shopping to​ asking directions. This will help you​ stay away from any potential risk.

Hotel Safety

Be smart and alert while choosing your stays and hotels. Inquire about the​ hotel safety and check for an​ easy and reliable transportation. it​ would be great if​ you​ choose a​ hotel near by most of​ the​ places you​ plan to​ visit. Once you​ enter your room,​ check whether all doors and windows have working locks. Don’t open the​ door without peeking out of​ the​ keyhole.

Clothing - Wear Decent

And finally the​ most important tip or​ precaution you​ MUST take. Dressing up conservatively and inconspicuously will help you​ to​ a​ great extent in​ a​ foreign territory. Just wear what looks attractive yet goes with the​ local culture. Local women can be of​ great help to​ you​ in​ this concern. Don’t wear any clothes that could spark harassment.

Remember,​ your trip's success and pleasure is​ all in​ your hand. With a​ sound knowledge,​ good and professional guidance and precautions,​ you​ can enjoy a​ hassle free,​ charming and memorable trip all alone.
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