Tips For Travelling By Car With Young Children

A holiday abroad should always be fun,​ but when you​ travel with young children and need to​ rent a​ car from the​ airport to​ your holiday destination,​ you​ should take a​ few moments to​ read the​ following tips to​ make the​ trip fun andcomfortable. Remember that if​ the​ children enjoy the​ journey you​ will normally have a​ great time yourself.

If children get car-sick easily,​ it​ is​ best to​ give them something to​ eat or​ drink and to​ wait a​ while before getting into the​ car. Take advantage of​ the​ time you​ have to​ wait for your luggage or​ at​ the​ car hire counter in​ the​ airport to​ avoid unnecessary delays.

Get a​ detailed roadmap at​ home or​ check the​ internet for the​ latest information on​ the​ journey from the​ airport to​ your destination. Work out how often you​ would need a​ break and plan plenty of​ stops when driving for a​ long time. It’s necessary to​ stop minimum 20 minutes every two hours,​ trying to​ go non-stop only leads to​ accidents. Check the​ corresponding motorway exits for convenient stops where your children can get out of​ the​ car and run around a​ while.

Try to​ stop at​ playgrounds where they can play safely. Take some time to​ relax and stretch your legs yourself. Your journey will take a​ bit longer but it​ will be a​ relaxed start of​ your holiday.

All kids love to​ play so make sure to​ have their favourite toys,​ dolls or​ teddy bears ready in​ your hand luggage. Make sure to​ pack at​ least one familiar object like a​ favourite toy or​ a​ special blanket for every child.

Music is​ also a​ great way to​ keep your children occupied in​ the​ car. All modern rental cars come with radio nowadays,​ but the​ suppliers do not normally guarantee if​ it​ is​ equipped with CD or​ tape deck. Do not take the​ change and make sure to​ pack your children’s favourite music both on​ CD and on​ tape.

Books with multi-colour images or​ colouring books with pencils are also a​ great alternative. if​ you​ do not suffer from car sickness yourself reading a​ story for the​ children is​ also a​ good way to​ keep them occupied for a​ while and help the​ time pass more quickly.

If you​ can afford it​ consider a​ portable DVD player. a​ portable DVD player is​ worthwhile the​ money,​ it​ will keep your children busy for hours in​ the​ car but at​ the​ airports as​ well. it​ also comes very handy at​ your holiday destination during the​ hot siesta hours or​ on​ a​ rainy day.
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