Tips For Travellers To The Tropics

I went on​ my first holiday to​ the​ tropics recently. I was afraid of​ catching a​ disease,​ so I did a​ bit of​ research,​ and took some precautions. Here are some tips I found useful.

1. Get your shots.

I spent a​ short time in​ areas relatively free of​ mosquito-borne disease. the​ key word is​ 'relatively'. a​ two week holiday in​ an​ urban area is​ probably alright. if​ you're staying for months,​ or​ in​ an​ area flagged as​ dangerous,​ get your shots well in​ advance. Don't leave it​ until the​ last minute,​ as​ by then it'll be too late! the​ drugs need some time to​ 'kick in',​ and your doctor may have to​ order them in​ advance.

2. Get an​ insect repellent.

I made one for mosquitoes by mixing citronella with olive oil. Citronella is​ an​ essential oil (an essence). I rubbed the​ mixture on​ all exposed areas morning and night,​ and after washing. Seemed to​ do the​ trick. I put too much oil in,​ I think,​ so it​ smelled a​ bit. Better that,​ than being bitten,​ I say!

3. Wear long sleeved shirts and trousers.

I also wore socks in​ bed. Give pests no purchase! Mosquitoes are just doing what comes naturally; they need your blood to​ live. It's just unfortunate that they can pass on​ parasites when they bite. Deny them a​ meal,​ and the​ only things you'll bring back from your holiday are a​ silly hat and some souvenir photos. to​ wear long sleeved garments in​ bed,​ you'll need a​ room with a​ fan and air conditioning. No need to​ set them to​ freezing; just cool,​ with a​ slight breeze.

4. Air conditioning.

Air conditioning and fans are supposed to​ deflect mosquitoes,​ which is​ good. Avoid 'going native',​ and thinking you're as​ hardy as​ the​ locals. They get malaria and dengue as​ well,​ be sure of​ that.

5. Use mosquito nets.

Do what you​ can to​ keep them at​ bay. Paranoia is​ good!

6. Avoid ice and salads

Ice can have faecal coliforms. it​ depends on​ what water it's been made from. Salads can be prepared by low-paid workers who've forgotten to​ wash their hands. in​ Muslim countries,​ they often don't use toilet paper,​ just a​ hose,​ so if​ the​ staff haven't been scrupulous about their personal hygiene ...

You may feel self-conscious about refusing. Would you​ like your holiday to​ be spoiled by a​ spell in​ hospital,​ in​ a​ Third-world country,​ just for the​ sake of​ avoiding embarrassment? People like people who are forthright,​ so stick to​ your guns.

7. Don't drink the​ water.

A country can have a​ veneer of​ modernity,​ but what separates the​ men from the​ boys is​ the​ sewage system. the​ tap water may not be filtered properly. Drink bottled water,​ or​ water you've boiled yourself. Get a​ kettle,​ and boil it​ up every day,​ then put the​ water in​ your water bottle in​ the​ morning. Easy.

8. Drink plenty of​ water.

A few sips every so often,​ rather than a​ litre in​ one go. You'll save on​ trips to​ the​ lavatory!

9. Stay out of​ the​ sun.

There's a​ reason the​ locals are laid back; it's too hot to​ run around like you​ do at​ home. Sun tanning is​ actually skin damage. Due to​ ozone layer depletion,​ you​ may be getting more than a​ golden tan. Who cares if​ you​ don't come back home bronzed? Ladies especially will appreciate this in​ later years,​ when their sisters have leathery skin from roasting on​ the​ beach. Nothing less 'cool' than a​ white man with sunstroke,​ either.

When travelling in​ the​ tropics,​ it's best to​ be paranoid. I hope you​ can still enjoy your holiday!
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