Tips For Traveling With Pets

Every year,​ thousands of​ families bring their pets along on​ their vacations. Some feel as​ if​ their pets are part of​ their families,​ and don’t want to​ leave them behind. For others,​ there is​ simply no one at​ home to​ watch the​ pet,​ no funds available for boarding,​ or​ the​ trip was a​ spur-of-the-moment plan and there was no time to​ consider anything else except to​ bring the​ pet along.

Of course before you​ head out the​ door with your pet,​ there are some things to​ consider like accommodations,​ because not all hotels,​ motels,​ campgrounds and other lodgings accepts pets. So go through this checklist before you​ hit the​ road so you​ don’t have to​ leave your cat or​ dog in​ an​ unsafe environment.

Do Some Research & Confirmation Work

Check popular campground guidebooks,​ hotel,​ motel and other lodge listing research work to​ see which places accept pets. Then call ahead to​ confirm,​ as​ most print publications went to​ press at​ least a​ year ahead of​ time,​ and places may have changed hands or​ ownership status along with their pet policies. Find out if​ the​ location charges extra per night,​ plus if​ there are deposits and if​ there are any size requirements (for example,​ do they accept large dogs).

Portable Pet Kennels

Many pets ride fine in​ automobiles. However,​ some do not. Plus you​ may be traveling part way by airplane,​ bus or​ other means,​ and not only that,​ once you​ reach your destination,​ pet kennels turn into pet beds,​ making safe havens for your furry friends each night away from home. So you​ might want to​ check out portable pet kennels.

For airline travel with pets,​ call ahead to​ the​ specific airlines you’ll be using for exact details and requirements for traveling with pets. on​ some fights,​ you​ need to​ have given your animal food and water roughly 2 hours before take off,​ so you’ll want to​ check for exact details to​ see what your pet will need and the​ size carrier that’s allowed,​ etc. Some smaller ones for cats and small dogs may be allowed under the​ seat,​ so ask.

Fido’s Belongings

When you​ are vacationing with your cat or​ dog,​ pack a​ favorite toy or​ two,​ blanket or​ pillow,​ and any special things it​ may need,​ just as​ you​ would your own. Don’t forget some pet food,​ of​ course,​ plus some snacks or​ treats. And if​ your pet may need medication of​ any kind,​ bring along any medicines and / or​ any pet vitamins,​ etc. that might be needed. And as​ an​ added precaution,​ bring along the​ phone number of​ your vet,​ in​ case there is​ an​ emergency.
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