Tips For Traveling With Children

Getting ready for a​ family vacation with a​ baby? Many things can make the​ trip a​ more enjoyable experience,​ depending on​ the​ age of​ the​ child. of​ course,​ if​ the​ baby is​ still in​ diapers then having a​ good supply of​ diapers and baby wipes is​ a​ necessity. Bottled water for drinking and for rinsing out cups is​ a​ plus. Snacks,​ the​ healthy sugar free variety are also a​ necessity,​ and pillows and blankets to​ make the​ child comfortable during the​ long ride.

If your baby is​ old enough to​ pay attention,​ then travel games,​ coloring books,​ and toys that are quiet enough to​ avoid driving you​ crazy can be helpful. Also a​ travel DVD player that plugs into the​ car’s cigarette lighter for power will allow the​ child to​ watch a​ favorite video,​ keeping him or​ her occupied and more comfortable. Read along books for children are handy as​ well. These books have recordings the​ children listen to​ while looking at​ the​ pictures and the​ words underneath,​ teaching reading skills at​ a​ very young age. Possibly the​ most important tip would be making a​ schedule and setting realistic driving times each day. Adults can handle longer spans of​ time in​ the​ car than children can,​ and especially babies. Try not to​ spend more than eight hours a​ day driving,​ and have rest stops every couple of​ hours to​ stretch legs,​ and get outside in​ the​ fresh air.

Jill is​ a​ mother of​ two who has fond memories of​ traveling with her children as​ babies and toddlers. She tells many stories of​ trips to​ the​ lake,​ the​ park,​ the​ beach and even to​ Disneyland,​ bringing her small children along and says that the​ experience wouldn’t have been nearly as​ enjoyable for her or​ her husband if​ the​ children had stayed home. She does however,​ recommend thoughtful planning. “Story books were great. I read to​ the​ kids while my husband drove,​ and that kept them occupied. it​ also often makes them sleepy and led them to​ frequent nap times.” Jill also recommends coloring books so that the​ kids can amuse themselves. Ditto for the​ sugar free snacks. you​ won’t want to​ get the​ children running in​ overdrive on​ a​ sugar rush. But children do get hungry frequently,​ so keeping a​ good supply of​ crackers,​ fruit snacks and other things the​ kids enjoy will make the​ trip more enjoyable.

It helps travelers,​ that so many rest stops these days,​ have baby changing stations in​ both men’s and women’s rest rooms. This allows both parents to​ handle the​ child changing chores,​ and eases traveling tensions.

Jill’s friend and neighbor Sally also remembers traveling with very small children,​ and offers this advice: “Baby wipes. Have lots and lots of​ baby wipes. you​ never know when you’ll need them. And be sure that you​ make rest stops every hour or​ two. the​ kids will get a​ bit cranky and stopping for fifteen minutes can make a​ world of​ difference. Also,​ be sure to​ bring animal crackers,​ graham crackers or​ some other sort of​ snack,​ and bottles of​ water or​ fruit juice to​ wash it​ down with. Keeping a​ child fed with keep a​ child happy.”

Traveling with a​ very young child can be a​ challenge. if​ you​ have friends with older children,​ ask them what they did to​ ease the​ stress of​ the​ rip with traveling with the​ children in​ earlier years. it​ always helps to​ learn from someone else’s experiences. Also,​ ask your own parents what they did when you​ were a​ baby,​ and how they handled traveling situations. it​ also doesn’t hurt to​ check out the​ local public library for parenting magazines and books. Being a​ parent is​ a​ very responsible job and learning from others is​ only wise. However,​ traveling with your baby or​ other young child will provide you​ with a​ great deal of​ enjoyment. if​ you​ take a​ camera or​ video camcorder you’ll be able to​ record the​ trip for future memories,​ and have stories to​ tell for years to​ come. So enjoy traveling with your baby,​ but be sure to​ plan ahead.
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