Tips For Travelers Who Are Going To Hong Kong

Hong Kong is​ a​ key destination for many travelers. it​ has a​ population of​ more than seven million,​ scattered all throughout its more than 200 islands.

It is​ located in​ Eastern Asia,​ near China and the​ South China Sea. Formerly,​ leased to​ Great Britain,​ Hong Kong was officially returned to​ China in​ 1997. Hong Kong offers diversity in: culture,​ religion,​ and lifestyles.

Chinese,​ (Cantonese) and English are both the​ official language here. So foreigners,​ who are planning to​ visit,​ should not have any problems exploring,​ and experiencing the​ culture of​ this vibrant place; since English is​ widely spoken here.

Hong Kong dollar is​ the​ currency in​ use here. One American dollar roughly equals around 7 Hong Kong dollars.

Hong Kong is​ known for: its unique energetic vibe,​ its wonderful food,​ and beautiful skylines. It's best to​ always bring a​ camera when roaming around in​ the​ city,​ so travelers can capture the​ essence of​ this place,​ and will always have a​ memento of​ their visit.

Hong Kong offers many great upscale shopping districts that rival the​ high end streets of: Shanghai,​ London and Paris. But the​ best places to​ shop here are the​ unique shops,​ and street markets that exhibit the​ charm and uniqueness of​ the​ locality.

It is​ wise to​ look around at​ the​ various stores to​ compare prices before buying anything. the​ best part of​ all is​ that sales tax is​ exempted on​ everything in​ Hong Kong.

The best way to​ get around Hong Kong is​ to​ purchase an​ Octopus payment card. This card takes you​ everywhere. it​ can also be used on​ any public transportation system,​ except taxis. it​ can even be used in​ vending machines,​ restaurants,​ and convenient stores,​ fast food places,​ etc.

Some of​ the​ key places in​ Hong Kong are:

- Hong Kong Island is​ the​ most urbanized district. It's the​ heart and soul of​ the​ city.

- Kowloon is​ one of,​ if​ not,​ the​ most populated cities in​ the​ world. it​ also offers the​ best view of​ the​ skyline.

- Disney Land Hong Kong which is​ located in​ Lantau Island. This is​ only the​ third International sight for a​ main Disney them park. it​ is​ best to​ make reservations ahead of​ time for lodging. it​ tends to​ be packed,​ especially during the​ holidays.

Hong Kong also has a​ great natural landscape that can be seen by riding a​ train that goes all the​ way up to​ the​ higher part of​ Hong Kong Island. With so many things to​ do and sights to​ be seen Hong Kong is​ truly a​ must see for any traveler.
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