Tips For Train Travel In Europe

Thinking about travelling around Europe via train? Many students,​ couples,​ and groups of​ friends choose train travel as​ their main method of​ getting around Europe,​ and for good reason. Train travel can be a​ very convenient,​ beneficial,​ and cost-effective method of​ traversing this wonderful continent.

However,​ European train travel can get confusing,​ especially if​ you​ don’t know where to​ start. Here are a​ few tips to​ help you​ with train travel in​ Europe:

First,​ opt for a​ train station information desk rather than the​ ticket window if​ you​ need more information or​ help in​ planning your trip. the​ ticket agent is​ simply there to​ help you​ buy your train ticket. Find out if​ you​ qualify for any special discounts,​ or​ if​ you​ can lower your ticket price by taking a​ different train.

If you’re looking for ways to​ cut down on​ costs for European train travel,​ you​ have a​ few options. First,​ travelling by train in​ southern Europe is​ almost always cheaper than travelling by train in​ northern Europe. Second,​ slower trains are usually significantly cheaper than express trains. Third,​ travelling overnight for longer trips will help you​ save money,​ time,​ and hotel/hostel accommodation fare. a​ rail pass or​ other train pass may also help you​ to​ save money,​ especially if​ you’ll be doing a​ lot of​ train travel.

When you​ do go to​ buy your ticket or​ pass at​ the​ ticket window,​ make sure you​ know the​ train time or​ number,​ whether you’ll be travelling first or​ second-class,​ whether it’s one-way or​ round trip,​ and when you’ll be travelling. Keep in​ mind that express trains often require advance reservations and will likely be significantly pricier.

Whether or​ not you​ have a​ reservation for a​ train seat will affect your train travel in​ Europe. if​ you​ have one,​ you’ll have a​ number for a​ car and seat. When you’re at​ the​ train station,​ check each track or​ the​ wall for the​ Composition of​ Trains board,​ which should illustrate where each numbered car will be when the​ train comes in. if​ you​ don’t have a​ reservation,​ this means you​ can sit anywhere—but check to​ make sure that the​ seat you’ve chosen isn’t reserved for someone else.

For train travel in​ Europe,​ it’s quite common for you​ to​ have to​ “validate” your ticket before you​ can board through a​ validation machine that will show you​ which end of​ the​ ticket to​ put in.

The train’s eating options is​ another matter to​ think about insofar as​ European train travel is​ concerned. the​ longer the​ travelling distance,​ the​ more likely the​ train is​ to​ have a​ restaurant or​ café car. For medium distances,​ expect maybe a​ cart with a​ few drinks and snacks on​ it,​ but regional trains likely won’t carry anything. Consider purchasing a​ few snacks at​ the​ train station before boarding to​ ensure you’ll be fed,​ and to​ cut down on​ costs as​ well.
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