Tips For Smooth Traveling On Your Holiday Vacation

As crowds are bigger and delays longer,​ traveling to​ the​ Caribbean during the​ holiday season can sometimes be difficult. When traveling during the​ holiday season,​ you​ will find that most of​ the​ delays confronting you​ involve the​ airport. Most of​ these troubles can be avoided,​ however,​ with a​ little preparation. you​ must organize all the​ details of​ your vacation,​ especially your air travel,​ before you​ depart to​ prevent any unwanted surprises. Here are some important travel tips to​ spare you​ some headaches on​ your holiday Caribbean vacation.

Before you​ even drive to​ the​ airport,​ consider public transportation as​ airport parking lots fill up quickly during the​ holidays. if​ you​ live far from your airport,​ a​ one night stay in​ an​ airport hotel might offer extended parking.

To streamline line your air travel,​ research the​ check-in procedures for your airline as​ most offer both online check-in and printable boarding passes. you​ can also use the​ curbside check-in at​ the​ airport or​ self-service kiosks to​ avoid the​ lines at​ the​ counter. to​ anticipate how long you​ will need to​ clear security at​ the​ airport,​ check the​ Transportation Security Administration's website ( While the​ times listed on​ the​ site are daily and hourly averages that don’t account for holiday travel,​ you​ can assume that the​ wait will be at​ least as​ long as​ a​ Friday evening.

Make sure that you​ also review the​ current rules for carry-on luggage. Though the​ ban on​ liquids in​ carry-on luggage was lifted in​ September,​ travelers are still only allowed to​ pack travel-size toiletry items – 3 ounces or​ less – in​ their carry-on luggage. All of​ these travel-size bottles and containers must be stored within a​ clear,​ one-quart zip-top bag for screening. However,​ if​ you​ don’t need any of​ these items on​ your flight to​ the​ Caribbean,​ you​ can place any size toiletry item or​ liquid in​ your checked bags.

If you​ plan on​ renting a​ car on​ your Caribbean vacation,​ remember that most car rental companies anticipate a​ 20% rate of​ no-shows. During the​ holiday travel season,​ the​ resultant overbooking could leave you​ without a​ vehicle. While it​ is​ advised to​ arrive at​ the​ rental counter by the​ early afternoon,​ you​ can also call ahead to​ confirm your reservation. if​ you​ are enrolled in​ an​ express check-in program,​ take advantage of​ your status and skip the​ long lines.

If you​ are still making plans for a​ holiday Caribbean vacation,​ try your best to​ be flexible. Try to​ book flights that depart in​ the​ early morning or​ late evening as​ prices will be lower. Also,​ selecting a​ flight on​ a​ holiday like Christmas or​ New Year’s Day will offer you​ a​ considerable discount,​ as​ crowds tend to​ fly on​ the​ days before and after the​ holidays.

To prevent one of​ the​ biggest delays of​ all,​ aim for a​ nonstop flight. if​ you​ can’t make it​ to​ your Caribbean destination without a​ connecting flight,​ try to​ avoid connections in​ northern U.S. cities like Chicago as​ weather grounds many flights in​ the​ winter months. Instead,​ fly through Phoenix,​ Dallas or​ another southern city to​ avoid any unnecessary delay.

Another great travel tip for the​ holidays is​ programming the​ numbers of​ your airline,​ car rental company,​ hotel and other travel contacts into your cell phone. in​ the​ event that you​ are delayed getting to​ your Caribbean destination,​ you​ will be prepared to​ make arrangements.

Lastly,​ as​ you​ will probably want to​ bring plenty of​ gifts home from the​ Caribbean,​ remember not to​ wrap them until you​ get home so they can be inspected by airport security. Also,​ keep all of​ the​ valuable or​ fragile gifts in​ your carry-on luggage to​ ensure that they aren’t damaged during handling.

By following travel tips as​ simple as​ these and being prepared for the​ crowds,​ you​ are sure to​ have a​ successful holiday Caribbean vacation.
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