Tips For Safe Travel With Your Pet

Planning a​ road trip with Rover? Even the​ most enthusiastic traveler can become agitated and anxious on​ a​ very long ride. Here are some suggestions for making car travel safe and pleasant for you​ and your dog:

* Watch the​ temperature. Even with the​ air conditioning on,​ a​ dog riding in​ the​ back of​ a​ van can become overheated from direct sunlight shining into the​ vehicle. Sun shades will reflect heat and keep your traveling companion cool. And small battery-operated fans attached to​ the​ dog's crate will keep the​ air moving.

* Remember to​ never leave your dog in​ a​ closed car. it​ can take just minutes for the​ temperature to​ rise enough to​ kill an​ animal.

* Help your dog relax. if​ your dog becomes anxious,​ a​ calming product,​ like Pluto Pet's Pet Calming Spray,​ may help relieve his fear,​ nervousness and aggression. Made from natural ingredients,​ the​ spray acts quickly,​ causes no side effects and meets all Food and Drug Administration guidelines for good manufacturing practices.

Avoid tranquilizers,​ which can lower the​ animal's blood pressure and make the​ dog more prone to​ heat-related medical emergencies.

* Keep the​ dog contained. Your travel companion should either be in​ a​ crate or​ restrained by a​ seatbelt made especially for animals. Dogs riding unrestrained in​ a​ car can be dangerous to​ themselves,​ the​ humans riding with them and other motorists.

* Make two tags: one with your home address and another with the​ destination address in​ case the​ dog gets lost while on​ the​ road. you​ should also have your dog's rabies tag and certificate and medical records.

* Pack a​ doggie bag. Your dog will appreciate some familiar things from home - a​ favorite blanket,​ for instance,​ and some toys. Bringing drinking water and food from home will help avoid stomach upset. And don't forget the​ cleanup supplies,​ because accidents happen.

* if​ your dog is​ territorial and you​ spend a​ night in​ a​ motel,​ keep the​ curtains drawn so the​ dog won't feel the​ need to​ protect his new turf from everyone who walks by your windows.

* Have fun! a​ trip together can be a​ wonderful bonding experience for you​ and your dog.
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