Tips For People Travelling To Greece

Greece can satisfy even the​ most demanding of​ its visitors. it​ has beautiful scenery and great man made establishments,​ it​ has sea but also mountains,​ it​ has archaeological sites and night clubs as​ well,​ it​ has crowded areas but it​ also has nice and quite places. the​ best of​ all is​ that all these are not far away from each other. I don't think its an​ overstatement to​ say that Greece is​ a​ traveler's paradise.

Where can you​ find such places.

If you​ want to​ find fancy restaurants and Hotels and all the​ comforts a​ man can get those are the​ services every known place has and they are actually difficult to​ miss. Mykonos,​ Santorini,​ Rhodes,​ Corfu,​ Crete,​ Athens,​ Thessaloniki,​ Samos are among the​ most visited destinations in​ Greece. if​ you​ need luxurious accommodations,​ fancy restaurants,​ loud music,​ packed cafes,​ lots of​ visitors you​ can find them here.

Places that are not crowded but still have lot to​ offer are more difficult to​ find. There are less services and less money to​ be gained from visitors and therefore are not heavily promoted. if​ you​ are looking for those places don't ask at​ your local travel agent. Don't arrange a​ Cruise hoping to​ find them. the​ are usually very close to​ the​ crowded centers but not much is​ mentioned of​ them.

Lots of​ smaller islands that are not heavily advertised,​ and island satellites to​ famous ones usually fall under this category and would be ideal places for people that want to​ explore the​ alternative Greece. For the​ sake of​ the​ discussion I am going to​ mention Gaudos,​ Paxoi,​ Fournoi,​ Sifnos,​ Ikaria,​ Chios but this is​ not extensive by any means. These places are usually recommended from people that have already gone there. if​ you​ have not had such recommendations then I would advise you​ to​ prepare your trip to​ the​ most favorable location leaving some room in​ your schedule for visiting places that the​ locals will undoubtedly suggest. an​ inquiry to​ a​ local Greek travel agent or​ a​ Greek Habitant might reveal some hidden treasures around the​ area. Keeping in​ mind the​ pros and cons presented right after,​ one can easily recognize such places.

With quiet destinations you​ avoid the​ mass tourism and the​ noise and you​ enjoy more the​ nature and the​ hospitality of​ people simple and not caught up at​ the​ great rush of​ our times. Nature is​ purer and the​ food is​ fresher and atmosphere is​ unspoiled and healthier. the​ prices are cheaper too. One great disadvantage is​ that such places don't have many means of​ transportation to​ and from them and not to​ many comforts should be expected when looking for accommodation. Some of​ them don't even have air connectivity with mainland Greece. They might have boat or​ bus connection 3-7 times a​ week from the​ near by Town.

Travel off high season

Greeks usually take their summer vacation around the​ 15th of​ August that is​ the​ biggest festivity in​ the​ Orthodox Christian world,​ commemorating the​ Assumption of​ Theotokos (Mary the​ mother of​ Jesus). Around these days everything gets very busy with boats running full and extra flights being added and all types of​ accommodation running at​ full capacity. These period makes for some very tiresome vacation and I would definitely avoid it​ if​ I had the​ choice. Planning either before or​ after August is​ probably the​ smartest thing one can do when traveling to​ Greece. you​ do avoid the​ headaches and prices are a​ whole lot different.

Almost all destinations in​ Greece are connected through Athens,​ so this gives an​ opportunity to​ the​ traveler to​ explore the​ Athenian lifestyle and Acropolis if​ he/she so chooses. Some alternative routes include Italy which has daily direct boat connections to​ the​ Ionian islands and Turkey which has daily boat connectivity to​ the​ nearby islands of​ the​ Aegean.

Arranging your car rental before hand

Small places usually luck the​ public transportation of​ the​ big and famous cities. Buses usually run not very frequently and planning your excursions around them usually is​ not an​ easy chore. the​ more crowded places will probably have cars booked fully for the​ high season times. So if​ you​ are planning on​ using a​ car arranging it​ ahead of​ time is​ always good choice.

Alternative accommodations for rent

If you​ are not interested in​ the​ standard services of​ a​ hotel (food,​ everyday cleaning/towels/sheets pools and restaurants) you​ can rent villas or​ homes at​ cheaper prices. Usually the​ such places provide a​ high level of​ service compared to​ what you​ pay for them. Plenty of​ non Hotel accommodations are spread at​ all possible places and the​ go by the​ names of​ "studios" "apartments" "homes" "rooms to​ let" "homes". Some times its even possible to​ rent such places a​ monthly rental fee,​ provided you​ will stay for at​ least 1 1/2 months there.
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