Tips For Italy Travel

Located in​ Southern Europe,​ Italy is​ a​ peninsula extending into the​
central Mediterranean Sea,​ northeast of​ Tunisia. When traveling to​
Italy it​ is​ important to​ remember that you​ are not at​ home,​ so
always be respectful and conservative.


In general the​ weather is​ very hot and steaming in​ the​ dead of​ the​
summer. We recommend that you​ wear light clothing. Be sure to​
have sunglasses,​ hat and sunblock,​ as​ they are essential.
Afternoon thunderstorms (brief) are common in​ Rome and inland
cities,​ so you​ may want to​ consider bringing an​ umbrella. it​ is​
essential to​ follow dress standards (no bare shoulders or​ knees)
and is​ strictly enforced in​ many churches,​ especially in​ Rome at​ St.
Peter's and the​ Vatican Museums and at​ the​ Basilica di San Marco
in Venice.


Remember to​ protect yourself against purse-snatchers and
pickpockets. it​ is​ recommended that you​ wear a​ money belt or​ a​
pouch on​ a​ string around your neck,​ both concealed. When you​
have to​ carry a​ purse make sure that is​ around your neck and
tucked between your body and arm. a​ word of​ caution: "gypsy"
children are widespread in​ Rome,​ are skilled pickpockets that are
quick,​ and know more tricks than you​ do.


Since hotel tend to​ overcharge for long distance and international
calls. it​ is​ best to​ make such calls from public phones,​ using
telephone cards. For general information in​ English dial 176. to​
place international telephone calls via operator assisted service,​
dial 170 or​ long distance access numbers. the​ country code for
Italy is​ 39.

If you​ are in​ need of​ additional information or​ have found what you​
are looking for. We suggest that you​ complete an​ internet search
for additional information.
Have a​ safe and enjoyable trip to​ Italy!
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