Tips For Comfortable Traveling During Pregnancy

Women today take pregnancy in​ their stride and continue to​ work and enjoy everyday activities. Pregnancy does not mean termination of​ all work and play. if​ you​ plan carefully you​ can enjoy all activities throughout the​ pregnancy and travel for work and pleasure without experiencing any difficulties.

Here are a​ few tips:

• Avoid stress by leaving quite early for the​ airport. to​ alleviate rushing across terminals or​ parking lots have a​ friend drop you​ to​ the​ airport. Find out whether the​ travel agent or​ airline has pick ups and drops for special passengers. Travel light and only pack what you​ really need. Use a​ bag with wheels or​ buy a​ fold-up luggage rack.

• Keep your sense of​ humor and wits with you​ at​ all times. Eat a​ light meal before leaving for the​ airport and listen to​ music or​ read a​ book you​ love. a​ full stomach and happy frame of​ mind will ensure that you​ view all hassles like long queues,​ uncomfortable chairs,​ and tedious walks as​ a​ part of​ life. Avoid coffee and other caffeine filled beverages,​ these will just stretch your nerves and make things difficult.

• Plan your schedule well such that you​ avoid depletion of​ energy. Give yourself time to​ eat on​ time,​ catch forty winks,​ and to​ put your feet up. Quite times are crucial to​ pregnant women so weave in​ time for a​ long bath,​ reading on​ the​ beach,​ a​ leisurely walk in​ the​ garden or​ a​ slow swim. Things that relax and energize you.

• Eat well and balanced meals. Never ignore hunger pangs. Carry in​ your bag plenty of​ portable snacks,​ dried fruits,​ nuts,​ crackers,​ cereal bars,​ and small bottles of​ juice or​ water,​ fresh fruit and so on. to​ prevent dehydration when flying drink plenty of​ fluids this will prevent swollen feet and ankles. Eat 4-6 small meals a​ day. Ask your doctor whether you​ need vitamin and mineral supplements. Eat plenty of​ fresh fruit and vegetables. When you​ eat light meals you​ will prevent uneasiness and heartburn. Suck a​ mint or​ boiled sweet this will quell queasiness.

• Make time to​ visit the​ toilet. Go before you​ board the​ plane and also after you​ deplane. if​ the​ flight is​ short then this will alleviate the​ need to​ use the​ toilet on​ the​ plane. if​ you​ are flying a​ long haul choose a​ flight that has a​ stop over or​ break the​ journey such that you​ get a​ breather. Ask for an​ aisle seat so that you​ can visit the​ toilet or​ stretch your cramped legs without being a​ nuisance to​ others.

• Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Keep the​ blood circulation going by walking down the​ aisle and doing simple stretch exercises while seated. Rotate your ankles and stretch your feet as​ well as​ wriggle your toes. Shoes must be supportive,​ use flat ones or​ trainers. Use blister pads to​ increase comfort. Slip on​ shoes is​ the​ best as​ you​ can remove them when seated.

• Do a​ few breathing exercises and try and meditate everyday. This will keep you​ calm and collected and ensure that plenty of​ oxygen reaches all the​ cells of​ your body.

Traveling when pregnant can be eased by taking sensible steps. it​ is​ safe to​ fly when pregnant Just carry your medical records,​ medicines,​ and first aid kit with you. Wear beautifully styled yet comfortable clothes and avoid carrying heavy luggage. Talk to​ your doctor before taking a​ trip; do ask about immunizations as​ well as​ medications you​ should carry. Make comfortable arrangements and you​ will enjoy your pregnancy.
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