The Barcelona Travel Guide

The Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona is​ one of​ the​ most popular visited cities in​ Europe with its own unique character and culture. the​ city is​ very much alive and offers an​ array of​ entertainment from cultured museums,​ dining in​ the​ night,​ quality beaches,​ and the​ Catalan interests.

Traveling to​ Barcelona
Flying there is​ easy as​ the​ large international airport is​ only 14kms to​ the​ west of​ the​ city. Taxis,​ train and buses are other less popular options.

Brief History of​ Barcelona
The city of​ Barcelona came to​ existence during the​ Phoenician and Roman periods. History states that the​ Romans were eventually driven away from the​ city by the​ Visigoths. This gave the​ city the​ name it​ holds today making it​ the​ focal point of​ the​ Catalan Kingdom. the​ most prestigious moment to​ come to​ the​ city to​ date was when it​ hosted the​ 1992 Olympic Games.

Barcelona is​ a​ tourist city and so accommodation options are vast and diverse. Las Ramblas is​ the​ main area of​ the​ town where many fancy hotels can be found. However,​ accommodation can be found in​ the​ city or​ closer to​ the​ sea in​ the​ forms of​ hotels,​ guest houses,​ self-catering apartments,​ villas and so on.

Barcelona has plenty of​ shopping opportunity. the​ main area is​ a​ set designed retail area that is​ five kilometres long,​ starting at​ Las Ramblas. you​ will find all you​ need along that stretch especially if​ you​ are into designer clothing. if​ you​ are more into shopping malls then head into El Corte Ingles. This is​ a​ massive department store located on​ Placa de Catalunya.

Dining and Drinking
Barcelona is​ famous for its nightlife and social events. Las Ramblas is​ the​ area you​ should be heading for. it​ is​ a​ late night city where the​ main bars remain quiet until around midnight when the​ city really livens up. Food wise,​ the​ most popular dish served in​ restaurants is​ Paella and Rioja is​ the​ tasty special local wine.

City Attractions and Sightseeing
A must see in​ Barcelona is​ to​ head for the​ Port Vell marina complex at​ the​ waterfront. Then stand beneath the​ statue of​ Columbus and walk up the​ world famous street of​ Las Ramblas. Here you​ will find yourself in​ the​ middle of​ the​ cities culture amongst artists,​ street buskers and many quaint restaurants and cafes. Don’t forget to​ venture to​ the​ Cathedral de la Santa Creu and the​ grand Placa de Catalunya. Everybody who visits Barcelona must go and see the​ Sagrada Familia. This is​ the​ unfinished beautiful cathedral by the​ legend Gaudi. as​ well as​ the​ attractions mentioned there are also many museums scattere about the​ city. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya,​ Salvadore Dali Museum and Joan Miro Exhibition are well worth a​ check.
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