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If you​ are planning a​ vacation to​ the​ Southern Caribbean anytime in​ the​ near future,​ Southern Caribbean travel guides are must have items. Located on​ the​ boarder of​ the​ Caribbean Sea,​ the​ Southern Caribbean consists of​ the​ nations that border the​ sea,​ including Colombia and Venezuela. Since the​ region is​ located so close to​ the​ earth's equator,​ the​ climate is​ very warm and tropical,​ helping to​ make the​ Southern Caribbean an​ extremely popular vacation destination,​ especially for those seeking warmth and beaches.

Seen from the​ Caribbean cost,​ the​ main portion of​ Venezuela will rise instantly,​ while the​ greenery will be sure to​ take your breath away. on​ one hand,​ everything may seem wild,​ but on​ the​ other hand seem controlled. From the​ arching bridge that spans Lake Maracaibo,​ to​ the​ world's highest uninterrupted cataract,​ the​ Rio Churun,​ a​ lot of​ Venezuela's interior is​ still a​ bit unsettled.

Back in​ 1533,​ the​ Spanish discovered a​ city that would eventually become known as​ the​ Queen of​ the​ Indies. However,​ even without this beautiful added attraction of​ its colonial heritage,​ Colombia's Cartagena is​ located ideally to​ make it​ an​ extremely attractive tourist destination and vacation spot.

Different Southern Caribbean travel guides can be purchased in​ paper publications,​ or​ they can also be viewed and printed from the​ world wide internet. the​ following paragraphs will discuss a​ few online websites that may contain the​ Southern Caribbean travel guides you​ are seeking.

Backpack Traveling in​ Latin America

This is​ a​ useful webpage that contains several Southern Caribbean travel guides based on​ the​ website owner's very own experiences. While some of​ these Southern Caribbean travel guides do not contain completely up to​ date information on​ Latin America travel,​ they will surely provide you​ with enough information to​ give you​ the​ basic knowledge of​ the​ places you​ may decide to​ visit during your Southern Caribbean vacation.

While this is​ a​ great website,​ and does contain several Southern Caribbean travel guides,​ it​ should only be used in​ conjunction with other paper publications,​ or​ other web pages. Some information this website does not cover includes great places to​ eat,​ as​ well as​ the​ most popular tourist attractions.

Poor But Happy Colombia Guide

A great place to​ find great Southern Caribbean travel guides is​ the​ website Poor But Happy. This webpage has message board forums that contain some wonderful discussions,​ as​ well as​ topics,​ on​ the​ most popular tourist destinations in​ the​ Southern Caribbean. the​ information on​ this webpage is​ provided by the​ people who actually work and live in​ the​ Caribbean. Popular topics on​ this website include:

* visas
* adoption
* great places to​ stay
* great places to​ eat
* and more!

These things alone make Poor But Happy a​ wonderful choice of​ South Caribbean travel guides.

While online sources can be great tools in​ locating great Southern Caribbean travel guides,​ they are most effective when used in​ conjunction with other sources. Paper publications and book are other great sources of​ Southern Caribbean travel guides. Books are best when researching historical aspects of​ the​ nation. By using all of​ th resources available to​ you,​ you​ are sure to​ find the​ best Southern Caribbean travel guides available.
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