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Southampton City is​ located on​ the​ South coast of​ England,​ 80 miles South West of​ London. Historically Southampton has been an​ important port and this still applies today. the​ city has a​ population of​ about 250,​000 and is​ the​ closest city to​ the​ New Forest.

The M3 and M27 Motorways are the​ main road links between London and Southampton. the​ drive takes about one hour and forty minutes putting the​ city within easy reach of​ London’s major international airports. a​ regular train service is​ operated by Southwest Trains between Southampton Central and London Waterloo train stations.

Southampton Airport hosts flights to​ many local destinations as​ well as​ to​ over 47 European destinations. There are no longer any international ferry services operating out of​ Southampton docks,​ but the​ port is​ home to​ a​ growing number of​ luxury cruise ships,​ including the​ QE2. the​ city has a​ good network of​ bus services with access to​ all the​ local amenities.

The history of​ the​ city can be tracked back to​ the​ Romans who established the​ first permanent settlement and port. the​ settlement known as​ Clausentum was the​ main trading port for Winchester and Salisbury,​ both large Roman towns. the​ town was moved to​ its current location by the​ Anglo-Saxons some time later. Southampton became an​ important trading port with wool being a​ major cargo in​ the​ 13th century.

After the​ city was sacked by the​ French in​ 1338 the​ Southampton City walls were built,​ part of​ which still stand today. in​ 1623 the​ Pilgrim Fathers set sail from Southampton,​ aboard the​ Mayflower on​ route to​ Plymouth in​ present day Massachusetts. Famously the​ RMS Titanic also set sail from Southampton on​ her ill fated first voyage. Many of​ her crew came from Southampton and a​ total of​ 549 city residents perished when the​ ship sank.

With the​ advent of​ air travel,​ traffic through the​ ports declined. However this trend is​ now changing with more luxury cruise ships setting sail from Southampton.

With such a​ rich history there is​ an​ abundance of​ things to​ see and do in​ and around the​ city. There are a​ number of​ historic buildings. These include the​ City Wall built in​ 1338,​ St Michaels Church built in​ 1070,​ God’s House Tower built 1417 and the​ 12th century Red Lion Pub where the​ Southampton plotters were tried and sentenced to​ death.

Southampton is​ located on​ the​ door step of​ the​ New Forest. This is​ a​ large national park of​ about 570 km2. the​ New Forest was created by William the​ Conqueror in​ 1079 as​ a​ Royal Hunting Ground. the​ Forest today offers the​ visitor miles of​ peaceful walks through ancient woodland and heath land. Alternatively the​ forest can be explored on​ bicycle or​ horse back. There is​ an​ abundance of​ wildlife and the​ forest is​ home to​ the​ famous New Forest ponies. There are a​ number of​ villages in​ the​ New Forest each with their own secrets to​ uncover.

The city has a​ number of​ museums. the​ Museum of​ Archeology,​ which is​ housed in​ God’s House Tower,​ has a​ collection of​ artifacts which tell the​ story of​ Southampton from the​ Stone Age to​ the​ present day. the​ Solent Sky Museum has a​ large display of​ aircraft and aims to​ educate the​ visitor on​ the​ rich history of​ aviation in​ the​ Solent area. Located a​ short drive to​ the​ north of​ the​ city is​ the​ Intech Science Center,​ an​ Interactive science and technology centre for the​ whole family.

The West Quay Shopping Centre is​ one of​ the​ largest shopping centers in​ the​ UK and hosts a​ number of​ major shopping brands. the​ city has a​ vibrant night life with a​ number of​ night clubs,​ restaurants and pubs.

In a​ recent survey by British Gas Southampton was ranked as​ one of​ the​ lowest carbon emitting cities in​ the​ UK and is​ the​ only City to​ operate a​ geothermal power station.

Make Southampton one of​ the​ cities you​ visit – it​ has a​ long and vibrant history,​ an​ abundance of​ activities and is​ a​ gate way to​ exploring the​ South Coast.
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