Some Tips For Women Traveling Alone

If you​ are a​ woman traveling alone,​ you​ need to​ check the​ rules in​ the​ country you​ will be visiting.

Each country and culture has their own views of​ what is​ appropriate behavior for women. Although you​ may not agree with these views,​ it​ is​ wise to​ abide by the​ local laws and customs to​ avoid problems. Please become familiar with the​ laws and customs of​ the​ places where you​ wish to​ go.

Here are two examples of​ situations you​ may encounter:

It is​ illegal in​ Laos to​ invite Lao nationals of​ the​ opposite sex to​ one's hotel room.

Foreigners in​ Saudi Arabia have been arrested in​ the​ past for "improper dress."

Women traveling alone can be more vulnerable to​ problems in​ certain cultures. Keeping in​ mind the​ following information can help make your trip as​ safe and rewarding as​ possible.

Preparing for your trip

Passports & Visas: Make sure your passport is​ still valid or​ apply for a​ new one long before you​ plan to​ travel. Make sure you​ have the​ right travel documents and visas for your destinations. For information on​ individual countries' entry and exit requirements,​ refer to​ our publication Foreign Entry Requirements.

Your Destinations: Make an​ effort to​ learn about the​ locations you​ plan to​ visit,​ their culture,​ and any problems that might be occurring there.

Many exciting and exotic destinations may have very conservative views about women.

Being a​ foreigner makes you​ stand out; a​ woman traveling alone can be even more of​ an​ oddity in​ some places.

What to​ Leave Behind: Leave a​ detailed itinerary and a​ copy of​ your passport's identification page with a​ friend or​ relative at​ home. Include names,​ addresses and telephone numbers where you​ will be staying. Leave a​ copy of​ your flight and ticket information with them as​ well.

You may wish to​ establish certain check in​ dates when you​ will either call,​ e-mail,​ fax,​ etc. to​ let someone know that you​ are all right. But remember that if​ you​ happen to​ miss a​ check-in,​ your loved ones may assume that you​ are having a​ problem or​ are in​ trouble.

Leave any valuables,​ extra credit cards and jewelry - even fake jewelry - at​ home.

Thieves often won't know the​ real from the​ fake until after they take it,​ so why risk your personal safety?

Health: Make sure you​ have adequate health insurance coverage while abroad and that your coverage includes medical evacuations. Your policy might not cover you​ overseas and you​ may need to​ purchase traveler's insurance.

If you​ have any condition that might develop complications- especially if​ you​ are pregnant,​ check with your doctor before you​ go abroad. if​ you​ experience complications,​ a​ medical evacuation might still take several precious hours to​ arrange.

If you​ take prescription medication,​ make sure you​ have enough to​ last the​ duration of​ the​ trip,​ including extra medication in​ case you​ are delayed. Always carry your prescriptions in​ their labeled containers as​ many countries have strict anti-trafficking laws and might be suspicious of​ pills in​ unlabeled bottles. Bring your prescription information and the​ names of​ their generic equivalents with you​ just in​ case.

Off you​ go

Safety and Security: Use common sense and be alert and aware of​ your surroundings. if​ you​ are unsure in​ general about the​ local situation,​ feel free to​ check with the​ American Citizens Services section of​ the​ local U.S. Embassy or​ Consulate for the​ latest security information.

Don't announce that you​ are traveling alone! Some guides for women even advise wearing a​ wedding ring if​ you're single. if​ you​ feel like you're being followed,​ step into a​ store or​ other safe place and wait to​ see if​ the​ person you​ think is​ following has passed.

Do not be afraid or​ embarrassed to​ ask for someone to​ double check for you​ to​ see if​ all is​ safe. Display confidence. By looking and acting as​ if​ you​ know where you're going,​ you​ may be able to​ ward off some potential danger.

Ask for directions before you​ set out. No matter how modest your lodgings are,​ your hotel concierge or​ other hotel staff should be able to​ help. if​ you​ find yourself lost,​ do not be afraid to​ ask for directions. Generally,​ the​ safest people to​ ask are families or​ women with children. Getting the​ right information may save you​ from ending up in​ a​ potentially unsafe area.

Hotels: Choose a​ hotel where security is​ good and transportation is​ readily available and nearby. Check that all the​ doors and windows in​ your room have locks and that they work. if​ you​ feel uncomfortable,​ ask hotel security to​ escort you​ to​ and from parking lots or​ your room at​ night. Always use your peephole and common sense about letting strangers into your room.

Clothing: There is​ no doubt that fashion makes a​ statement. Unfortunately,​ not everyone will interpret how you​ dress the​ same way you​ would. What you​ consider casual clothing might be seen as​ provocative or​ inappropriate in​ other cultures. Thieves might choose you​ over another potential target based on​ your style of​ dress or​ the​ amount of​ makeup or​ jewelry you​ are wearing. Other might single you​ out for harassment or​ even physical violence because they find your clothing offensive,​ based on​ their cultural norms. By taking your cues from local women,​ or​ at​ least by dressing conservatively,​ you​ could save yourself a​ great deal of​ trouble.

Use common sense,​ do your homework before you​ go,​ and have a​ safe and fun trip.
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