So You Get The Cheap Travel To Mexico Whats Next A Guide To Mexico Travel

You finally received your tickets to​ Mexico at​ the​ cheapest price. you​ did it​ by researching and taking your time comparing and eliminating online and offline travel companies and agent one by one. you​ also got your desired hotel accommodation and itineraries that did not cost so much. Now,​ while you​ are packing your things and make your way to​ the​ airport,​ here are some of​ the​ things and necessary advises you​ should know before entry,​ upon entry,​ and while at​ the​ Mexico:

Before you​ leave,​ you​ should have with you​ a​ photo I.D. such as​ passport and driver's license,​ your tourist card,​ and your proof of​ citizenship. Bringing a​ photo I.D. would save you​ a​ lot of​ trouble when you​ check in​ on​ the​ airport. it​ would make sure that your ticket and your identity match.

The tourist card is​ your gate pass to​ Mexico. it​ is​ given free of​ charge but should be surrendered when you​ leave the​ country. you​ can get it​ from your airline when you​ check-in or​ in​ the​ Mexican Immigration when you​ arrive the​ country. you​ must not lose it​ and must be included at​ your travel document. Loosing this card is​ not pretty good thing to​ happen but if​ it​ does,​ make sure you​ have copied the​ number. This would make the​ trouble a​ lot easier to​ deal with.

Proof of​ citizenship should be your birth certificate. if​ you​ are a​ married woman and posses a​ driver's license of​ your maiden name,​ be sure to​ bring your birth certificate to​ match the​ license.

Upon arrival,​ go directly to​ the​ Mexican Immigration. Here,​ your tourist card is​ validated and proof of​ citizenship is​ inspected. you​ must sign and accomplish the​ customs declaration form. you​ should know what to​ declare and what are allowable to​ bring in​ the​ country. if​ you​ failed to​ declare any item that are not allowed you​ will be penalized.

Here are some of​ the​ allowable items you​ can bring; toiletries,​ footwear,​ and clothing that is​ in​ relation to​ your trip duration,​ reading material (magazine and books),​ used sports equipment,​ one VCR,​ one camera,​ one movie camera,​ films (up to​ 12 rolls),​ 3L of​ wine or​ alcohol (18 years up and up),​ 50 cigars or​ 400 cigarettes (18 years old and up),​ musical instrument,​ portable TV,​ and medicines with prescription.

While at​ Mexico you​ should obey the​ rules. if​ you​ plan to​ rent a​ car,​ there are lots of​ car rental companies in​ the​ country. it​ you​ are on​ a​ tight budget,​ rent a​ car before you​ arrive. Rental companies offer cheap rate if​ you​ reserve early. When you​ get involved in​ an​ accident,​ do not leave the​ place nor make any arrangements to​ other people. Contact your rental company for assistance. Do not argue.

Bring the​ right amount of​ money for the​ day. Although Mexico uses their Peso,​ most business establishments accept US dollars. But peso would still give you​ better price. Wear comfortable clothes,​ Mexico is​ typically warm during summer and a​ bit cold during winter. But it​ still depends of​ your location that depends on​ the​ altitude.

When dining,​ make sure you​ drink only bottled water. Wash the​ fruits first before eating. Peel if​ necessary.

When traveling by bus,​ take the​ first class rather than the​ second class. First class is​ air-conditioned with slight price difference with the​ second.

These are some of​ the​ things you​ need to​ know when you​ travel to​ Mexico. And to​ enjoy more your whole visit in​ the​ country: stay safe!
So You Get The Cheap Travel To Mexico Whats Next A Guide To Mexico Travel So You Get The Cheap Travel To Mexico Whats Next A Guide To Mexico
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