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County Sligo is​ situated on​ the​ Atlantic coast in​ the​ north west of​ Ireland,​ it​ is​ renowned for its unspoilt scenic landscapes with approximately 110 miles of​ coastline.

Sligo Town,​ capital of​ the​ Northwest region,​ is​ situated on​ the​ Garavogue River between Lough Gill and the​ Atlantic coast. it​ is​ a​ major growth centre and the​ largest town in​ the​ North West with a​ population of​ over 20,​000 people,​ swelling to​ a​ daytime population of​ 42,​000. Sligo is​ a​ thriving tourist,​ commercial,​ administrative and educational regional centre. Its name literally translates as​ 'the place of​ shells' - this allegedly derives from the​ fact that the​ inhabitants of​ yore had a​ staple diet of​ shellfish and remains of​ those shells are to​ be found buried in​ the​ grounds thereabout.

Sligo is​ serviced by a​ number of​ national primary routes including the​ N17 to​ Galway (85 miles) and N4 to​ Dublin (135 miles).

Sligo has a​ diverse landscape from majestic mountains such as​ Benbulben,​ Knocknarea and the​ Ox Mountains to​ sandy beaches internationally renowned for their fantastic surf,​ to​ lush woodland and glistening lakes. It’s most famous landmark is​ the​ flat topped Benbulben Mountain which dominates the​ skyline across the​ north of​ Sligo,​ watching over the​ traveller as​ they make their way north along the​ coastline through the​ famous seaside town of​ Mullaghmore,​ exiting Sligo into the​ hills of​ Donegal.

Sligo,​ land of​ heart’s desire,​ as​ written by the​ poet WB Yeats,​ who yearned for the​ serenity and peace of​ Lough Gill and its Isle of​ Innisfree and the​ enchanting Slish Wood close to​ Dooney where the​ fiddler of​ yore entertained the​ merry Sligo is​ host to​ the​ internationally acclaimed Yeats Summer and Winter schools. the​ Regional Arts Centre in​ Sligo houses a​ collection of​ his brother,​ Jack B Yeats paintings.

Steeped in​ history from Europe’s oldest Stone Age cemeteries at​ Carrowmore to​ Queen Maeve’s grave at​ the​ top of​ Knocknarea mountain,​ Sligo town is​ now a​ lively cosmopolitan town with continental style bistros along the​ Garavogue River which flows through the​ town.

Easy accessibility via airport,​ road and rail make Sligo an​ attractive location for industry,​ from cutting edge it​ to​ Pharmaceutecal Companies. the​ high cabilbre of​ graduate from the​ local Institute of​ Technology and excellent training institutions playing no small part in​ Sligo’s success as​ the​ commercial capital of​ the​ North West.

Sligo plays host to​ a​ number of​ cultural events throughout the​ year including Sligo Arts Festival,​ County Fleadh,​ International Choral Festival,​ Guitar Festival and numerous contemporary musical festivals throughout the​ year.

Keeping alive Sligo’s literary tradition are the​ Hawks Well Theatre,​ the​ Blue Raincoat Theatre,​ the​ Model Arts and Niland Gallery and the​ Yeats Theatre.

Many of​ the​ local pubs specialise in​ live music from Trad Sessions to​ Jazz,​ Rock and Open Mic sessions.

For the​ sporting enthusiast there is​ a​ wide array of​ activity to​ choose from. Sligo Sports Complex offers various pitches,​ indoor basketball courts,​ badminton,​ tennis,​ indoor soccer,​ a​ gymnasium and weights room,​ and a​ superb swimming pool. to​ experience the​ great outdoors there are walking,​ hiking,​ horseriding mountaineering and cycling clubs. Sligo has a​ number of​ championship golf courses along with numerous gaelic football,​ soccer and rugby clubs.

Taking advantage of​ its vast coastline and inland waterways one can waterski,​ surf,​ sail,​ scuba-dive,​ take part in​ sea and fresh water fishing,​ canoe or​ take up Olympic style rowing.

For those not wanting to​ get their feet wet you​ might want to​ take to​ the​ skies. Sligo Airport is​ home to​ one of​ Ireland’s most active flying clubs with courses running throughout the​ year there is​ also an​ opportunity to​ take up skydiving and get a​ birds eye view of​ the​ breathtaking scenery that is​ Sligo.
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