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Sicily has made an​ indelible mark on​ the​ European traveling scene. is​ it​ because of​ the​ Volcano that is​ still burning,​ or​ is​ it​ because of​ the​ rich cultural heritage that the​ city carries? the​ European experience has been adorned by the​ Italian influence. the​ Greek domination has left such marks on​ the​ settlements around Rome and rest of​ Italy including Greece and Sicily that it​ has become next to​ impossible to​ miss it. the​ roman leftovers are grand enough to​ attract the​ historians as​ well as​ the​ tourists.

Sicily is​ one of​ the​ most sought after destinations in​ Italy. the​ tourism advantage that Sicily can give is​ just an​ added feature. the​ reason for this is​ that it​ is​ essentially a​ culturally charged city. the​ city has in​ itself treasured the​ exploits of​ the​ second Great War as​ well as​ the​ ancient historical facts that a​ significant part of​ world history. the​ city holds a​ distinct aura as​ differentiable as​ its language,​ which is​ a​ mixture of​ many nearby languages. the​ Mediterranean influence on​ the​ place can be felt by the​ cuisine that is​ served in​ its lavishly decorated restaurants.

Sicily holds a​ unique history that is​ flanked by the​ exploits and rule of​ many dynasties. the​ geographical location of​ the​ place gives a​ very wrong picture of​ it​ being part of​ the​ Italian rule. Though it​ is​ now a​ part of​ Italy but its origin and history is​ different from that of​ Italy. the​ main land of​ Sicily is​ separated from the​ Italian land and thus it​ finds many indigenous people living in​ it. How ever it​ has been a​ favorite of​ almost all the​ empires. the​ Carthage,​ the​ Greeks and the​ Normans fought over the​ land too much and it​ saw the​ changing the​ hands. Rome was finally the​ victor and they ruled it​ for a​ long time. Then in​ the​ late 19th century Italy took over the​ control. However the​ impact of​ mafia on​ the​ island is​ too much and large part of​ the​ land is​ still under its influence. the​ city also has the​ honor of​ perpetrating the​ mafia concept.

The Greek and the​ roman influence on​ the​ city can be seen by the​ architecture that is​ seen around the​ city. the​ enormous size of​ the​ cathedrals and platforms dazzles the​ mind of​ the​ visitors. the​ Sicilian backdrop has been used by many film makers and performers. the​ sheer grandeur of​ the​ roman and Greek constructions makes it​ one of​ the​ most sought after destination in​ southern Europe.

Mount Etna is​ one of​ the​ volcanoes that is​ still active apart from being the​ tallest in​ Europe. the​ rich thick forest cover around the​ Etna region is​ an​ added attraction to​ the​ tourists. Apart from the​ seldom traffic problems and delays in​ flights and trains,​ the​ city offers a​ vista of​ traveling experiences.

The city is​ easy to​ approach,​ as​ it​ is​ a​ part of​ most of​ eastern and southern European tours. the​ individual visit can also be a​ good idea. From romanticism of​ the​ mafia to​ the​ raw power of​ nature Sicily has it​ all.
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