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Is going solo in​ an​ unknown area the​ right way to​ go,​ or​ do you​ want a​ tour guide to​ show you​ the​ highlights? I think that you​ can combine the​ two ways in​ one trip and have the​ best of​ both worlds. One trip we recently took was to​ Washington D.C. the​ best purchase we made was for a​ bus tour that would take us around the​ capital and point out all the​ main sites. Then allow us the​ next day to​ travel by foot to​ the​ ones we especially wanted to​ see. We knew ahead of​ time which Smithsonian building we wanted to​ see,​ if​ the​ Washington Monument was open to​ visitors and if​ you​ needed to​ get an​ advance ticket to​ take a​ tour of​ the​ White House or​ visit the​ Capital Building. it​ allowed us to​ plan our three days in​ the​ city and see all that we wanted to​ see. Individual tours to​ such landmarks as​ Ford’s Theater and Arlington Cemetery were tours we were glad we bought. the​ tour guides for these locations knew tidbits and items of​ interest that we would never have found out on​ our own.

Let’s look at​ the​ San Francisco Bay Area which is​ another one of​ my favorite vacation spots and my family has many pleasant and happy memories of​ our visits to​ that area. Some areas are so familiar to​ tourists that it’s possible to​ view the​ attractions on​ your own. That allows you​ to​ take your time and go at​ your own pace. Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier39 are good examples. Just by walking a​ few blocks you​ can tour Aquarium of​ the​ Bay,​ take a​ cruise of​ San Francisco Bay,​ visit the​ world famous Ripley’s Believe it​ or​ Not Museum and spend some down time at​ the​ Riptide Arcade on​ Pier 39. the​ antique carousel is​ a​ beautiful site and an​ attraction for all ages.

If you’re going solo on​ this trip,​ you​ could consider buying a​ San Francisco CityPass. This special buy will give you​ tickets to​ five attractions,​ unlimited rides on​ the​ Cable Cars and an​ option ticket to​ use at​ the​ Legion of​ Honor or​ Academy of​ Science & Steinhart Aquarium. you​ are allowed nine days from the​ date you​ first start using your CityPass to​ visit each attraction and seven days for unlimited Cable Car rides.

Some attractions are worth having a​ tour guide for. if​ you​ go to​ Alcatraz Island,​ you​ have a​ choice of​ going solo,​ having a​ live tour guide or​ being guided by earphones which trigger the​ points of​ interest as​ you​ arrive at​ them. I would recommend the​ live tour guides. I have gone all three ways,​ and I received more enjoyment by someone telling me items of​ interest I know I had missed on​ previous tours.

Chinatown Walking Tours are tour guided must see. it​ gives you​ a​ behind the​ scenes look of​ colorful Chinatown. the​ tour covers,​ history,​ traditions of​ the​ local people and culture that you​ probably wouldn’t know or​ see by traveling alone. the​ lions at​ the​ entrance of​ Chinatown are awesome to​ see!

San Francisco also offers over 30 fun and free walking tours of​ San Francisco. For more information on​ these free tours,​ go to​

The same goes with Napa valley tours. It’s possible to​ drive to​ the​ area and go solo,​ but you​ will want to​ take guided tours of​ some of​ the​ vineyards and wine tasting rooms. if​ you​ are driving and just taking your leisurely time,​ I would recommend this way to​ see the​ beautiful sights of​ the​ wine country.

Another driving tour that is​ popular is​ the​ 17-mile drive down the​ coast. it​ winds around giving you​ glimpses of​ beautiful mansions and spectacular views. it​ will take you​ to​ Carmel and to​ Pebble Beach Golf Club.

One of​ my most popular tours is​ the​ Winchester Mystery House. It’s located in​ San Jose,​ an​ easy drive from San Francisco and Oakland and is​ worth the​ ticket cost. This unusual house can be toured many times and with each tour guide,​ you​ will learn something new about the​ eccentric Mrs. Winchester who believed the​ spirits told her to​ have the​ sound of​ continuing construction going on​ in​ her home to​ avoid death. This led to​ many quirks and funny sights in​ the​ house since Mrs. Winchester served as​ her own architect. She kept crews busy 24 hours a​ day,​ 365 days a​ year for many years. I loved the​ stairs leading to​ nowhere,​ and the​ built in​ magnifying glass in​ the​ window looking out over the​ garden. I’ve seen it​ four times,​ and will probably go back. Rumor has it,​ there was a​ wine cellar that was boarded up and sealed away. I wonder if​ it​ has been found yet!

You can go solo to​ attractions or​ take a​ guided tour. It’s your choice and you​ can choose whichever would give you​ the​ most memorable experience. I recommend both.
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