Safety Trip Tips For Travelers

Traveling can be a​ lot of​ fun. But especially in​ places foreign to​ you,​ there can be certain risks that might make your adventures unsafe. So here are some travel trip tips to​ help make your fun times safer.

1. Research before your go.

Search the​ Internet for travel advisories and the​ latest safety tips from state organizations and other top sites that turn up in​ your favorite search engines like:

Check to​ see if​ there are any sickness reports,​ travelers’ alerts and other concerns you​ should be familiar with before leaving home. Then check maps,​ like at​,​ to​ make sure of​ your travel route and the​ best way to​ get there. a​ travel agency like AAA (Automobile Association of​ America) can help plan routes for you,​ checking road construction along the​ way and any detours.

2. Use the​ buddy system.

Try not to​ travel alone,​ when possible,​ so that you​ have a​ safe friend along and you​ can both keep an​ eye out for each other. if​ you​ do travel alone,​ leave your itinerary with a​ trusted family member or​ friend and have that person make sure you​ check in​ upon your return.

And when you​ travel,​ lock your vehicle and accommodations’ doors,​ stashing your valuables in​ the​ hotel or​ ship safe when you​ have the​ option to​ do so. Don’t leave cash lying around and remain accountable; i.e. don’t get so drunk that you​ don’t have control over your senses and environment.

3. Be prepared,​ like the​ Boy Scouts!

Plan ahead for emergencies and bring a​ light first aid kit,​ prescription medications for those traveling with you,​ and any over-the-counter items you​ may need like Pepto-Bismol,​ anti-diarrhea liquid or​ tablets,​ pain killer,​ anti-itch cream,​ sunscreen. It’s no fun to​ get something like diarrhea while you’re out in​ the​ jungle far away from any drugstore or​ convenience store. So plan and bring items you​ may need.

4. Check out your accommodations!

Ask for digital photos of​ your accommodations and the​ surrounding area,​ if​ possible,​ before your commit to​ staying in​ the​ place of​ choice. Because some places paint beautiful pictures of​ the​ area,​ then when you​ arrive,​ you​ may find you’re in​ the​ worst part of​ town in​ a​ dirty,​ roach-invested hole. So ask about the​ area,​ get travel brochures and check around. if​ there are no photos,​ if​ may be well worth an​ extra $10-20 per night to​ stay elsewhere – in​ a​ place that does have photos to​ show off the​ accommodations.
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