Safari Travel Tips

Before stepping on​ that plane for a​ marvelous safari adventure,​ plan like there's no tomorrow. you​ will thank your self for being precautious when faced with untoward incidents.

Here are the​ important things you​ should consider when going on​ a​ safari travel:

1. Remember that it​ is​ one challenging endeavor.

Planning a​ safari can be one of​ the​ most exciting feats one can ever manage to​ make happen. it​ is​ not one of​ the​ generic travels,​ usual jetsetters indulge in. Though you​ are provided with a​ tour brochure and a​ tourist guide,​ it​ still is​ better to​ research on​ your own regarding the​ various itineraries.

2. Best spots for safari should be spotted.

The most suggested parts of​ Africa to​ enjoy safari include East and Central Africa,​ Southern Africa and Indian Ocean Islands.

3. Prepare for the​ climate.

It is​ a​ must to​ know the​ seasonal trends and how they will affect your travel. But also remember that the​ weather is​ fickle-minded so you​ can never really accurately predict the​ outcome of​ your travel if​ you​ will base it​ one the​ weather alone.

If you​ are going to​ visit East and Central Africa,​ long rains start early in​ April to​ early June. Short rains abound during late November to​ December.

Southern Africa has its rainy season from late November through mid-April for the​ safari areas. However,​ during that time,​ it​ will be summer in​ Southern Cape.

When one prefers Indian and Ocean Islands he or​ she can expect the​ seasonal trend to​ be more like of​ that of​ Southern Africa. in​ these islands,​ summer rains last from November through April. Cyclones can also be experienced during those seasons. From May to​ October,​ the​ dry season occurs.

4. Choose your activities.

Among others,​ safari traveling offers these fun-filled activities:

a. gorilla trekking
b. sailing
c. birdwatching
d. participatory camping
e. self driving

5. Know what you​ can afford.

When choosing a​ trip,​ budget constraints should never be overlooked. Decide on​ a​ price range that you​ can work on. to​ make your budgeting more effective consider the​ level of​ luxury of​ your safari travel,​ length of​ your trip,​ activities,​ accommodations preferences,​ meals and season.

6. Determine your travel style.

Do you​ prefer your safari to​ be more luxurious,​ moderate or​ rustic? Will you​ let kids tag along? Are you​ traveling with a​ group or​ will you​ be one bold,​ independent traveler? Will you​ travel by air or​ road? What about your guide and your vehicle?

Answering those questions will more or​ less improve your overview of​ your dream safari travel.

Have fun!
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