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A place that has seen political turmoil to​ the​ hardest extent but has stood the​ test of​ time. a​ place where mysteries unfold around every corner. Where the​ nature has bestowed its greatest gifts. Welcome to​ Romania. Until the​ modern history was being written Romania was mainly under the​ influence of​ the​ wars. Then it​ was gripped in​ the​ hands of​ the​ communist regimen. Despite the​ wraths of​ wraths of​ time the​ country has stood erect and today it​ is​ one of​ the​ culturally advanced and educationally pioneering countries of​ the​ world.

The historical importance of​ the​ country is​ established by the​ presence of​ the​ numerous castles all over the​ place. the​ main attraction of​ the​ tourists to​ this country is​ its magnificent castle. Build in​ the​ ancient times,​ they still sing the​ lore of​ the​ European grandeur and Romanian past. the​ atmosphere in​ them is​ filled with mysticism and it’s a​ once in​ a​ life experience that every tourists takes back. the​ Peles,​ Corvin are two of​ most famous castles of​ Romania. Conducted tours take the​ tourists around the​ castles giving them information about the​ historical facts.

As most European nations Romania too has a​ rich arts and cultural history. the​ architecture of​ the​ country makes it​ stand out form the​ lot. the​ historical curves on​ the​ famous buildings give then a​ unique royalty. Bucharest,​ the​ capital city,​ is​ also the​ cultural capital of​ the​ country. the​ village life of​ Romania is​ depicted in​ a​ museum dedicated to​ it. the​ Village museums answer all questions in​ the​ minds of​ the​ tourists about he rural backdrop of​ the​ country. the​ painted monasteries of​ Bucovina stand there since the​ 1500s and are an​ embodiment of​ the​ great architectural history of​ Romania.

It’s not hard to​ find great people from this European nation but one prince that has made this country a​ legend is​ of​ Transylvania. the​ Dracula is​ a​ legendry character,​ which has had a​ lasting impression on​ the​ people of​ all ages and backgrounds. the​ castle of​ the​ Dracula stands in​ all its magnificence in​ Transylvania. Myths apart it​ has now become one of​ the​ most urbanized areas of​ the​ country. However the​ mysterious sensation still keep the​ tourists dumbfound.

Bucharest,​ the​ capital is​ situated in​ the​ Wallachia region in​ the​ southern part of​ Romania. it​ has got all the​ political activity. it​ has gained world repute in​ the​ field of​ education. an​ international college for medicine is​ situated in​ Bucharest,​ which attracts students from all over the​ world. the​ French influence on​ the​ city is​ evident by the​ architecture on​ many buildings of​ the​ city. it​ has been christened as​ ‘little Paris’ due to​ this very reason. How ever the​ beauty of​ the​ planning of​ the​ city has left it​ look very green and silent. It’s a​ soothing experience to​ be in​ any Romanian city and Bucharest tops the​ list. One thing seldom found in​ Europe is​ found in​ Bucharest in​ abundance – legalized gambling. the​ city offers some of​ the​ best casino rooms and coupled with the​ fact that it​ is​ legal makes it​ a​ favorite among the​ tourists. the​ typical cuisine of​ Romania is​ rich with beacon and meat. the​ desserts also have their distinctive taste.

The country having undergone harsh times in​ the​ political oppression could not explore all possibilities of​ tourism. Now it​ is​ coming out with ecotourism programs to​ attract tourists. Way to​ go!
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