Romancing Canada A Basic Guide For First Time Travelers

Canada occupies most of​ North America and is,​ size-wise,​ the​ second largest country in​ the​ world. There is​ nothing small about Canada and this makes it​ the​ ideal place for broadening horizons,​ traveling adventurously,​ and learning all about a​ country and its culture passionately.

When is​ the​ Best Time to​ Go?

Summer begins in​ late May and ends in​ mid-September. Fall is​ from mid-September to​ mid-November. Winter starts mid-November and ranges on​ until mid-March. Finally,​ spring lasts from mid-March until late May. Canada's tourism peaks from mid-June to​ mid-September. During these months,​ travels and accommodations are relatively more expensive.

In deciding when to​ go to​ Canada,​ you​ have to​ review your reasons for going. Are you​ going to​ Canada for the​ skiing or​ for the​ opening of​ the​ ice hotels? Then,​ winter is​ the​ perfect time for you​ to​ go. If,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ your reasons include outdoor activities,​ such as​ hiking,​ boating,​ or​ fishing,​ schedule your visit during spring or​ fall. No matter what season you​ schedule your visit for,​ there will always be a​ deluge of​ luxury vacation rentals Canada tourists such as​ yourself can temporarily call home.

What Does One Do in​ Canada?

There are many things to​ do in​ Canada. you​ could catch a​ chinook on​ the​ Campbell River,​ also known as​ the​ Salmon Capital of​ the​ World. you​ could join the​ seemingly endless merrymaking at​ the​ Carnaval de Quebec. you​ could try being a​ ski bunny at​ the​ Whistler,​ Blackcomb. you​ could skate through town on​ the​ Rideau Canal Skateway,​ too. you​ could look for bears in​ Manitoba. you​ could go on​ a​ wine tour in​ the​ Okanagan. you​ could spend hours scrutinizing the​ Haida Totem poles. Or,​ you​ could live in​ the​ pages of​ Lucy Maud Montgomery's book by pretending to​ be Anne of​ Green Gables. the​ list of​ activities is​ endless!

Where is​ the​ Best Place to​ Stay?

In Canada,​ it​ isn't possible for one to​ run out of​ things to​ do or​ places to​ visit. After all,​ there is​ nothing small about Canada,​ and there shouldn't be anything small about your Canadian vacation,​ too. Go all out in​ your accommodations and splurge on​ the​ luxury vacation rentals Canada's different cities have to​ offer.

Luxury vacation rentals,​ Canada travel agencies will tell you,​ are a​ sure way to​ enjoy your vacation comfortably. Not only will you​ be staying in​ a​ fully-furnished,​ upscale apartment,​ you​ may choose to​ take on​ a​ maid and a​ driver. There are other services available for tenants,​ too,​ and some sites online,​ discuss these in​ detail.

One good thing about the​ luxury vacation rentals Canada's cities have to​ tourists is​ proximity to​ tourist spots. Another is​ quick availability. With only 30 million people living in​ such a​ huge country,​ you​ can be sure there is​ a​ glut of​ lodging options for the​ well-heeled and selective. you​ can take your pick among the​ many luxury vacation rentals Canada-based firms and homeowners have put on​ the​ market.
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