Puerto Galera Travel Guide

The Philippines is​ a​ country gifted with great beaches. the​ better known beaches are those found in​ Boracay and Palawan. Another beach or​ resorts worth mentioning are those found on​ the​ Mindoro’s northern part in​ the​ province of​ Oriental Mindoro. the​ place is​ called Puerto Galera. it​ is​ locate south of​ Manila (130 kilometers south) and 14 nautical miles from Batangas City.

You can go to​ Puerto Galera from Manila to​ Batangas using only land routes. When you​ arrive on​ Batangas,​ you​ would then need to​ ride a​ ferry to​ transport you. the​ ferry trip will be 1 to​ 2 hours long.

You have two options to​ go to​ Puerto Galera,​ the​ cheaper way or​ the​ more expensive way. the​ more expensive way is​ generally a​ faster way to​ get there. the​ more expensive one will make you​ ride the​ MV Super 85 Ferry and Sikat and Bus Services. Riding them is​ more expensive because they have no stop-overs,​ board the​ passengers directly to​ the​ ferries and are coasters or​ vans that are provided by the​ company.

The cheaper transportation is​ the​ way of​ the​ commuter buses of​ BLTB,​ JAM and TRITRAN which can be located at​ EDSA-Pasay,​ Taft Avenue near the​ corner of​ Gil Puyat Avenue,​ and Buendia,​ respectively. the​ bus fares will only range from P80 (non-air-conditioned) or​ P100 (air-conditioned). you​ will then ride a​ ferry to​ go to​ Puerto Galera and later on​ would need to​ hire an​ outrigger boat that ranges from P2,​ 000 per banca.

When you​ arrive at​ Puerto Galera,​ there are limitless activities to​ be done and places to​ go. you​ can go to​ the​ Hidden Valley,​ the​ Mangyan Village,​ the​ Muelle Bay and the​ Tammaraw waterfalls. the​ activities that can be done in​ Puerto Galera are kayaking and golfing to​ name a​ few.

For people who are fascinated by the​ marine life Puerto Galera also offers a​ variety of​ dive sites. the​ following dive sites in​ Puerto Galera are the​ Coral Garden,​ the​ Pink Wall,​ the​ Hill,​ the​ Hole in​ the​ Wall,​ the​ Manila Channel,​ La Laguna Point,​ the​ Sabang point and wreck,​ the​ dungeon wall,​ the​ monkey beach,​ Ernie’s cave,​ and many others.

A person who goes to​ Puerto Galera can also find some nice souvenirs to​ bring home to. They can be able to​ get the​ handicrafts that are made by the​ Mangyan to​ bring home to​ their friends.

There are other interesting places to​ go to​ in​ the​ Philippines. Don’t simply restrict yourself to​ the​ more popular ones. the​ less popular places can also provide you​ with a​ memorable experience.
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