Private Jet Charter Tips On Traveling To A High Traffic Locale

High traffic is​ inevitable at​ private airports during popular events or​ holiday seasons (think Super Bowl or​ winter in​ Aspen). With that in​ mind,​ we have put together some information and helpful tips to​ ensure that your private jet travel to​ bustling airports is​ both relaxing and stress-free.

"What is​ an​ STMP?" Special Traffic Management Programs (STMP's) are implemented for special events that attract thousands of​ people and aircraft to​ participating airports. the​ FAA requires users to​ make arrival and departure reservations to​ and from these airports to​ manage the​ flow of​ arrivals and departures for these events.

"What is​ a​ slot time?" Slot times refer to​ airports expecting high traffic volume due to​ special events or​ seasonal activity. Slot times are issued to​ stagger incoming flight traffic in​ order to​ relieve air traffic control duties. Slot time reservations are typically available 72 hours prior to​ the​ estimated time of​ arrival.

Private Jet Travel Tips:
• Be flexible with your departure time requests. Allow a​ window for departure times. Slot times will not be assigned more than 72 hours in​ advance to​ the​ flight departure request.
• Avoid changing flight dates & times. Slot times are valuable and go quickly,​ so try to​ stick to​ your flight schedule to​ avoid conflicts.
• Arrive on​ time. Particularly in​ mountainous areas,​ weather can change rapidly. the​ closer you​ leave to​ your intended time,​ the​ better opportunity you​ have to​ guarantee your arrival time. So if​ your slot departure is​ 8am,​ please allow time for boarding so the​ jet will be ready and in​ position for an​ 8am departure.
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