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Portsmouth,​ the​ Waterfront City,​ is​ the​ UK’s only island city. Separated from the​ mainland by a​ narrow creek,​ it​ has only three approach roads with which to​ enter the​ city. the​ Main M275 links from the​ M27 down into the​ centre of​ the​ city,​ the​ A2030 “Eastern Road” into Southsea,​ and the​ A3,​ the​ main arterial road through the​ city.

Portsmouth's early life began with a​ Roman Fort in​ the​ Saxon era,​ which still remains today as​ Portchester Castle. as​ now life here revolved around the​ sea,​ little did the​ Saxons know that their little fishing village would develop into a​ major garrison town which would go on​ to​ become the​ main naval base of​ one of​ the​ greatest empires in​ history. Over the​ centuries,​ Portsmouth has also been home to​ some of​ England's finest. it​ was the​ birthplace of​ Charles Dickens and sometime home of​ Rudyard Kipling,​ Arthur Conan Doyle and Peter Sellers.

To the​ west of​ the​ island lies Portsmouth Harbour and Historic Dockyard,​ while to​ the​ east is​ the​ nature reserve of​ Langstone Harbour and the​ Farlington Marshes. to​ the​ north,​ Portsdown Hill occupies the​ view while Southsea lies to​ the​ south,​ and across the​ water,​ the​ Isle of​ Wight. in​ Southsea,​ you'll find attractions such as​ the​ Royal Marines museum,​ Southsea Castle and the​ D-Day Museum with its beautiful centrepiece,​ the​ Overlord Embroidery.

Portsmouth’s history is​ rich and varied,​ its harbour has witnessed some of​ the​ most momentous occasions of​ England's maritime and wartime past,​ etched forever in​ the​ history and spectacle that is​ today’s tourist trail. From its origins in​ Tudor England,​ Portsmouth has been one of​ the​ centres from where the​ Royal Navy controlled the​ seas. Bombed and flattened in​ WWII,​ Portsmouth has been the​ seat of​ the​ Royal Navy for over five hundred years. Although fortifications have stood here since the​ Roman era,​ Portsmouth's golden moment in​ history came on​ 6th June 1944 with the​ launch of​ Operation Overlord.

Portsmouth is​ renowned for its Naval History probably the​ most famous of​ all is​ Nelsons Flag ships “HMS Victory”. This is​ situated in​ the​ Historic Dockyard,​ one of​ the​ top ten heritage attractions in​ the​ UK,​ along with HMS Warrior the​ first “Iron Clad” warship and Henry VIII’s ill-fated “Mary Rose”. in​ Gosport,​ a​ short ferry ride away,​ is​ the​ Submarine museum with HMS Alliance. All four of​ these vessels can be toured.

The more modern naval ships can be viewed by boat by taking one of​ the​ harbour tours that start at​ several locations across the​ city.

For those who decide to​ stay within the​ City walls and would like to​ do something under cover there is​ a​ wealth of​ other historic venues including the​ City Museum,​ Royal Marines Museum,​ Southsea Castle,​ Natural History Museum,​ Charles Dickens House and the​ D Day Museum with the​ OverLord Tapestry.

We also have the​ Blue reef aquarium.

Attractions that are outside include the​ Spinnaker Tower,​ Portsmouth tallest building with panoramic views,​ the​ Model village,​ South Parade Pier,​ Clarence Parade with its Funfair,​ 9 hole Pitch and Put on​ the​ beach front,​ Millennium Walk,​ Southmoor Wildlife Reserve on​ Farlington Marsh,​ Historic Dockyard with HMS Victory,​ HMS Warrior and the​ Mary Rose.

There are numerous parks within the​ city Victoria Park,​ Canoe Lake,​ Southsea Common,​ Milton Park,​ and Bransbury Park,​ with Staunton Country Park and Queen Elizabeth Country Park a​ short drive away.

The Renaissance Trail is​ a​ self-guided,​ historic tour,​ which will take you​ from Spur Redoubt in​ Old Portsmouth to​ the​ gateway of​ the​ Historic Dockyard.

The Millennium Promenades stretch over 6km on​ both sides of​ Portsmouth Harbour and your tour will take you​ to​ some of​ Portsmouth's most famous landmarks and attractions. the​ trail is​ marked by a​ chain motif set into the​ pavement and information boards to​ mark historic spots. Audio-guides are available from the​ Portsmouth Tourist Information Centre.

The Nelson Trail will take you​ through the​ old parts of​ Portsmouth relating to​ Vice Admiral Lord Nelson and Portsmouth at​ the​ time of​ the​ Battle of​ Trafalgar.

Of course as​ you​ would expect with a​ waterfront city we also have numerous beaches ranging along the​ length of​ the​ city.

Shopping in​ Portsmouth is​ located in​ three main areas,​ Cascades Shopping Centre,​ Southsea Shopping centre and Gunwharfs Outlet shopping.

Outside the​ city,​ only a​ short drive away on​ the​ M27 to​ the​ west is​ another outlet-park – Whitely village.

The main area for a​ night out is​ Gunwharf Quays where you​ can find the​ Spinnaker tower,​ over 20 bars and restaurants,​ Cinema,​ Bowling Complex,​ Casino,​ along with a​ large underground car park. There are lots of​ other places to​ go including Port Solent Marina just outside the​ city.

Just outside of​ the​ city only a​ short drive away there is​ still plenty to​ do.

Portchester Castle lying to​ the​ west of​ Portsmouth is​ a​ well preserved castle providing a​ mirror into some 2000 year's of​ Britain's history.

To the​ North along the​ A3 there is​ Staunton Country Park,​ with 1000 acres of​ landscaped parkland with ornamental lake,​ the​ south’s largest glasshouse,​ Golden jubilee maze. For the​ children there is​ a​ farm and play area.

A little further along the​ A3 is​ Queen Elizabeth Country Park,​ Hampshire’s biggest country Park. it​ has over 20 miles of​ trails for walker’s cyclists and horse riders and the​ highest point on​ the​ South Downs. it​ also has 1400 acres of​ open access woodland and downland and Butser Hill National Nature Reserve

Only a​ short distance across the​ water is​ the​ Isle of​ Weight,​ there are several means of​ travelling across the​ water. as​ a​ foot passenger you​ could use the​ Hovercraft or​ if​ you​ would prefer to​ take your car to​ explore a​ little further there are regular ferries leaving throughout the​ day.
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