Pet Travel Guide Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

Here are some important pet travel tips that you​ need to​ know while planning a​ vacation with your pet.

Bringing your pet with you​ on​ your vacation is​ becoming easier. Lots of​ hotels and motels are accommodating pet travel.

Most National Parks have strict regulations restricting pets. Check with them ahead of​ time. Your pet may not be able to​ walk with you​ but you​ can still spend some happy time together.

Before you​ bring Fido or​ Fluffy on​ your trip make sure that they are physically up to​ it. Take her to​ the​ vet first and be sure that she is​ in​ sound health.

Make sure she has all her necessary vaccinations along with a​ health certificate to​ bring along with you​ on​ your trip.

Be sure she has a​ collar with ID tag that contains your name and phone number. if​ she gets lost somehow,​ that could be the​ only way she gets back home.

A pet that is​ not well behaved can be a​ problem and may not be suited to​ travel. She will be in​ strange surroundings and you​ don't want her to​ scratch or​ bite out of​ fear and confusion.

If you​ must leave your pet home please be sure that she is​ well cared for. Professional pet sitters,​ kennels,​ friends or​ family are options available to​ you.

Leave explicit instructions for care and the​ phone number of​ your vet.

Most airlines will accommodate pet travel but they all have their own rules. Dogs and cats are usually ok but other pets may present a​ problem.

Your pet can travel either in​ the​ passenger cabin or​ in​ the​ cargo hold. Pet travel in​ the​ cargo hold can be a​ little rough and ventilation is​ not the​ best. Your vet should be able to​ help you​ evaluate if​ Fido or​ Fluffy is​ up to​ it.

Well behaved pets that are able to​ travel in​ an​ appropriate sized container may be brought with you​ on​ the​ plane. They will be treated as​ carry on​ luggage and will have to​ ride under your seat.

Pet travel in​ your car is​ a​ much more straight forward arrangement for all. Some pets can't handle it​ though and it​ is​ best to​ make sure she is​ up to​ it​ before your vacation starts.

Take basic safety precautions like not letting the​ animal run free in​ the​ vehicle. She could cause an​ accident. This means that she should be leashed securely or​ travel in​ a​ pet container.

Never leave your precious pet in​ a​ hot car with the​ windows shut. it​ doesn't take long for the​ temperature inside to​ reach lethal levels.

Make sure you​ provide her with fresh water and food. For dogs,​ she will greatly appreciate frequent stops to​ get a​ quick bit of​ exercise.

When bringing your pet to​ a​ motel or​ hotel that accommodates pet travel please be sure to​ follow all their rules. a​ bad experience will make it​ more difficult for future pet owners. Keep her leashed and clean up after her. Do not allow her to​ damage property by chewing or​ scratching.

Be prepared for emergencies and possible problems due to​ stress. if​ possible,​ find out the​ name and phone number of​ a​ local vet or​ animal hospital near where you​ will be staying.

With a​ little effort your vacation can be safe and fun for both people and animals. Remember,​ Fido or​ Fluffy can't look after themselves so it​ is​ up to​ you​ to​ be sure that their traveling needs are taken care of.
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