Packing And Travel Tips For Your Flight

Air travel is​ the​ most luxurious form of​ traveling that most people love. to​ have a​ convenient journey it​ is​ necessary that you​ are well prepared in​ advance. you​ should always book your seat in​ a​ good airline that provides satisfactory arrangements for your journey.

Packing and travel tips

1. While you​ arrange your suitcase and travel bags you​ should put your name and address both inside and outside it. if​ you​ already have this information,​ you​ should check whether it​ is​ the​ current one.

2. Leave all medicines,​ jewelry,​ eyeglasses,​ airplane tickets,​ money,​ passports,​ camera or​ other valuable out of​ the​ checked luggage. you​ should carry these items with you. Many airlines such as​ the​ southwest and other carriers don’t reimburse you​ for any loss of​ such items.

3. you​ should take a​ statement from your physician with details of​ nay particular problems like allergies and a​ copy of​ medication and eyeglass prescriptions. you​ should anticipate any medication you​ would require and carry it​ with you.

4. you​ should put cosmetics,​ nail enamel,​ shoe polish,​ perfume,​ liquor or​ anything that might break or​ spoil your clothes into a​ plastic or​ unbreakable container.

5. you​ should always convert cash into traveler’s check that could be reissued in​ case it​ is​ lost. Carry any serial numbers separately from the​ traveler’s checks. Airlines such as​ the​ southwest accept only American Express Travelers Cheques for purchase of​ tickets.

6. Make a​ list of​ the​ items in​ your luggage and carry the​ list with you. Also remove any hooks or​ pull straps before checking luggage to​ insure that they don’t come off while handling.

7. Never lock your checked luggage because they might require to​ be opened in​ case of​ an​ inspection. So if​ you​ lock your luggage and the​ TSA forcibly opens your bag via cutting your lock,​ you​ shall be responsible for any loss or​ damage to​ your luggage.

8. Most of​ the​ airlines are liable for loss or​ damage of​ checked luggage to​ a​ maximum of​ $ 2,​800 only. you​ can purchase excess valuation insurance for a​ nominal charge.

9. When you​ leave the​ aircraft you​ should look around to​ make sure that you​ have all your personal items with you​ because airlines cannot be held responsible for items left on​ board.

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