On The Road Again Tips For Traveling With Kids


If I had a​ dollar for every time my 8 year-old said this in​ the​ course of​ his life,​ I could probably fill up my car with gasoline for a​ year. it​ is​ a​ question my son constantly asks,​ and it​ is​ one I asked my parents more times than I'd like to​ admit. And,​ while there is​ a​ valuable lesson to​ learn on​ patience here,​ teaching that to​ an​ 8 year-old when in​ the​ midst of​ a​ multi-state trip is​ not the​ most ideal time to​ do it. So,​ distraction tactics are necessary.

So,​ on​ a​ quest to​ at​ least curb this question that,​ when asked,​ sounds like the​ proverbial fingernails on​ a​ chalkboard,​ I found a​ few nuggets of​ wisdom to​ use with my son that allow him to​ enjoy the​ trip as​ well as​ myself.

1. the​ Alphabet Game - this is,​ by far,​ our favorite game. There are multiple variations,​ but here are a​ couple of​ our "standards". Play the​ a​ to​ Z Animal game where,​ starting with letter A,​ everyone tries to​ name as​ many animals as​ they can that begin with that letter. When no more can be named,​ move on​ to​ the​ next letter. Another variation of​ this is​ the​ a​ to​ Z Sign game. Starting with letter A,​ each person searches for a​ sign with that letter. Once a​ sign is​ found,​ move on​ to​ the​ next letter.

2. Bury Your Animals - this game works great for long,​ country road trips.

Each person (or team if​ everyone is​ playing) keeps up with the​ number of​ animals seen out their side of​ the​ car. But,​ when a​ cemetery is​ passed (or a​ sign indicating a​ cemetery),​ all animals counted for that person have to​ be "buried" and counting starts over at​ 1 again.

3. I Spy - a​ timeless classic in​ the​ travel game world,​ there are many variations on​ this. you​ can spy by color,​ by shape,​ by amount,​ by clues.

My younger son LOVES this game - it​ is​ one we play quite often,​ no matter how long or​ short the​ trip!

4. Map it​ - State maps can be found relatively inexpensively (or even free at​ state visitor centers). Acquire one for your young traveler,​ and have him or​ her map out their route as​ you​ travel. as​ you​ pass landmarks on​ the​ map (highways and roadside parks),​ move your "track" from a​ pencil or​ pen along the​ route to​ indicate your position. This is​ an​ awesome visual for seeing exactly how far along on​ the​ trip you​ are.

5. Pull Out the​ Paper - We are notorious for our mail during trips,​ so have the​ kids make cards along the​ way to​ send to​ themselves! They will get a​ thrill creating their own mail,​ and imagine their surprise when they receive it​ in​ the​ mailbox after coming back home!

While these ideas haven't eliminated the​ "are we there yet" syndrome,​ they have significantly reduced it. Now I get to​ hear,​ "Let's do that again!" which is​ a​ lovely melody compared to​ the​ other.
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