Most Important Travel Tips

Experienced travelers the​ world over know the​ tried and true saying: Less is​ more. Who wants to​ schlep around heavy,​ bulky bags when you’re far from home,​ most likely running from place to​ place,​ trying to​ make sure all of​ your belongings continue to​ be your belongings? the​ trick of​ the​ trade,​ according to​ seasoned travelers,​ is​ to​ consider packing only one bag. What’s more,​ to​ consider making that bag the​ size of​ a​ carry-on bag. That’s right,​ the​ size of​ a​ bag that fits,​ or​ mostly fits,​ in​ the​ overhead compartment on​ today’s commercial airlines.

Consider the​ following reasons to​ travel light:

1. Safety
Simply put,​ one bag is​ easier to​ keep tabs on​ than two bags,​ or​ three,​ or... you​ get the​ idea. you​ don’t have to​ check your bags and risk losing them altogether as​ you​ travel.

2. Efficiency
One bag means less to​ carry,​ which means you​ don’t have to​ pay someone to​ help you​ or​ pony up for one of​ those Smarte Cartes at​ the​ airport. Also,​ with one bag,​ you​ won’t be as​ tempted to​ buy as​ many useless souvenirs you’ll never need,​ because there won’t be room for anything extra in​ your bag on​ the​ return trip.

3. Flexibility
With only one bag,​ you​ don’t have to​ worry about getting to​ the​ airport so early or​ sticking around so long after your flight lands. you​ can run through train terminals more speedily and shove yourself more quickly into the​ backseats of​ taxi cabs. And customs inspections? No problem.

So,​ now that you’re convinced you​ should limit your travel bags to​ one,​ you​ may well be wondering how on​ earth to​ fit all your necessaries into a​ single satchel. Plan carefully what you​ will need for your trip and take only those thing: if​ you​ think,​ “I might need this” then it’s probably safe to​ assume that you​ won’t. if​ you​ think “I can’t live without this,​” then into your travel bag it​ goes.

Other tips:

* Plan to​ do laundry while you’re traveling (even if​ that means doing them in​ your hotel room sink!). This way you​ won’t feel as​ compelled to​ take as​ many clothes.

* Take clothes that you​ can mix and match.

* For your toiletry items,​ use travel-size products. Even if​ they’re not easy to​ find,​ you’ll be glad you​ took the​ trouble. And remember that most of​ them can be refilled and reused—even toothpaste tubes can be refilled with enough patience and manual dexterity!

* Pack underwear,​ socks,​ and other small cloth items inside larger items,​ such as​ shoes,​ to​ maximize all available space.

* Check the​ weather of​ your destination ahead of​ your departure time so you​ can plan your wardrobe accordingly.

* if​ you’re the​ type of​ person who can’t resist a​ good—or a​ bad—souvenir,​ take one or​ two items of​ clothing that are mostly worn out. Wear them once,​ toss them,​ and fill up the​ space they occupied with that plastic replica of​ Mt. Rushmore that you​ just can’t live without.

And,​ of​ course,​ the​ most important travel tip of​ all: remember to​ have fun,​ wherever you​ go and however you​ get there.
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