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They say that there are more pink flamingoes made in​ plastic then there are in​ reality. And where does one find the​ plastic ones the​ most? Miami. Welcome to​ Miami. Will smith sing all the​ way? They say that party never ends on​ the​ Miami beaches. Being on​ the​ southern most tip of​ America it​ enjoys the​ maritime climate. So very fit for the​ other wise cold country. the​ golden sands on​ Miami beaches attract millions and you​ find yourself among the​ most number of​ people if​ you​ decide to​ go in​ the​ fall. the​ year was 1895 when the​ Americans realized that to​ save the​ travelers from the​ intense cold they must move to​ the​ southern tip of​ Florida. And thus came up the​ biggest state of​ Florida- Miami.

Known for not only its beaches,​ it​ has the​ biggest of​ the​ universities. the​ city finds its Latin roots come handy when it​ comes to​ hospitality. it​ has finest hotels of​ whole America and the​ best beaches too. the​ American holiday cannot be defined with out the​ Miami factor. it​ has reached deep in​ to​ the​ Hollywood and the​ glory runs too deep. Even the​ hurricane and the​ shark threats do not falter the​ tourist’s faith and no body wants to​ miss the​ chance to​ go to​ Miami,​ Florida. the​ place has wonders in​ store for the​ gourmet. the​ food styles expand from the​ continental to​ the​ seafood extravagance. the​ effect of​ the​ Caribbean food is​ too extensively seen in​ the​ menu cards. the​ Cuban and the​ Latin food are also very famous in​ the​ city. Mangoes,​ coconut,​ rice,​ fish,​ crabs and oysters all form important ingredients in​ the​ food list.

The beaches give ample space and opportunity for the​ sports enthusiasts. the​ beach volleyball events as​ well as​ the​ water sports are found all over the​ place. the​ clubs and small set pups provide many options for people to​ enjoy. the​ Para-sailing is​ also picking up at​ a​ fast pace. the​ water scooter is​ very popular among the​ youngsters. For the​ not-so-sporty types the​ beach is​ full of​ serene places to​ bask in​ the​ sunny sands. the​ tan is​ lasting and the​ experience is​ magical. Apart from these the​ place is​ known for its football,​ baseball,​ hockey and basketball teams. Major players of​ these teams come from the​ universities.

The art and culture of​ Miami is​ one of​ its kinds and is​ rich with artifacts and regional styles. Apart from these the​ pop culture has come in​ a​ big way for the​ place by the​ infusion of​ many films and television feature shootings in​ and around the​ beaches. the​ regional art too is​ picking pace and the​ local museums and art galleries are encouraging the​ locals to​ show their talents. These art galleries too form an​ important part of​ the​ Miami travel schedule. the​ lively nightlife of​ the​ place is​ just electrifying and the​ people enjoy their lives out on​ the​ beaches in​ the​ nighttime. Sitting around slowing fires they have the​ time of​ their lives.
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