Maramures A Travel Guide To Romanias Region Of Wooden Churches

There are many regions in​ this world that are worth a​ visit,​ and very often we Europeans tend to​ travel overseas to​ see something exotic,​ or​ visit people who still lead a​ life that perhaps our grandfathers knew. Rarely it​ occurs to​ us that it​ is​ not always necessary to​ travel far to​ be able to​ experience "time travel".

Maramures in​ northern Romania is​ one such little known corner of​ Europe. Amid beautiful rolling hills and lush river valleys live people who for the​ most part still follow the​ traditional agrarian way of​ life. Their life might seem hard and simple and it​ is​ a​ millenarian fight against the​ weather,​ to​ grow the​ crops,​ to​ raise the​ animals,​ to​ work from dawn until sunset without the​ many mechanized and electronic comforts we think are essential. But,​ that life can be rewarding in​ all its simplicity,​ as​ each day shows the​ results of​ work,​ and family and friends guarantee that there are often reasons for celebration. the​ seasonal festivities,​ like Christmas and Easter or​ local festivals and weddings,​ have retained their real value of​ breaking the​ everyday routine,​ and feasting lasts several days and is​ done with gusto.

Why is​ the​ region considered unique and those who have been there want to​ return? the​ answer is​ a​ mixture of​ three things: amazing landscapes,​ genuine people and the​ simple civilization of​ wood,​ with the​ famous wooden churches whose towers can be seen from far. the​ nature,​ people,​ houses and churches are spiritually connected and have maintained this link to​ the​ present.

But most of​ all is​ the​ uniqueness of​ the​ architecture is​ the​ inclusion of​ eight wooden churches in​ UNESCO's World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. These churches are the​ church of​ the​ Presentation of​ the​ Virgin at​ the​ Temple in​ Barsana,​ the​ church of​ Saint Nicholas in​ Budesti,​ the​ church of​ Saint Parasceva in​ Desesti,​ the​ church of​ the​ Birth of​ the​ Holy Virgin in​ Ieud Deal,​ the​ church of​ the​ Holy Archangels in​ Plopis,​ the​ church of​ Saint Parasceva in​ Poienile Izei,​ the​ church of​ the​ Holy Archangels in​ Rogoz,​ and the​ church of​ the​ Holy Archangels in​ Surdesti.

Our guidebook: Maramures - a​ Travel Guide to​ Romania 's Region of​ Wooden Churches is​ an​ excellent full-color book on​ a​ wide variety of​ cultural heritage subjects from mural paintings and archaeology to​ architecture and local traditions. it​ also gives practical information and tips on​ travel to​ and in​ Romania,​ what to​ see,​ where to​ stay,​ what to​ buy and to​ eat,​ to​ get the​ most of​ Maramures.

Why a​ guidebook and not another type of​ book? Because we consider that a​ cultural guidebook addresses those who,​ while enjoying a​ memorable holiday,​ can also help such a​ special region develop and maintain its specificity and character. to​ assure the​ preservation regions like Maramures,​ it​ is​ necessary that they do not fall into total oblivion. it​ is​ necessary that the​ young people can remain,​ find work and live there with their families,​ while being at​ the​ same time aware of​ the​ importance of​ their inheritance. Cultural tourism can be a​ mutual investment that can bear fruit for everyone. the​ visitor's joy and the​ host's joy are both real experiences.

We hope that you​ will enjoy your travel to​ Maramures!
Maramures A Travel Guide To Romanias Region Of Wooden Churches Maramures A Travel Guide To Romanias Region Of Wooden Churches Reviewed by Henda Yesti on September 29, 2018 Rating: 5

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