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Getaways are meant to​ take a​ person away from all the​ hurly and burly of​ life to​ perfect peace and tranquility. an​ ideal getaway vacation can thus be at​ a​ place where you​ embrace the​ beauty of​ nature in​ complete serenity. the​ paradigm example of​ this is​ Japan where visitors themselves have discovered countless beautiful getaways. So lets take a​ look at​ some of​ the​ popular and ideal getaways in​ the​ land of​ rising sun.
Some frequently visited getaways in​ the​ Japan are as​ follows:

· Hagi- it​ is​ a​ nice historic archaic Samurai and castle town in​ the​ rural Japan. it​ is​ located near the​ western tip of​ the​ Honshu Island. Hagi has some of​ the​ wonderful museums and beaches. the​ Joka- Machi old samurai quarter is​ worth visitng in​ Hagi. Besides this the​ Kumaya Art Mueseum,​ the​ Kasuga Shrine near Joka Machi and the​ Sho-in Shrine are the​ must visit sites in​ Hagi.

· Idzumo is​ one amongst the​ four most important Shinto shrines of​ Japan. it​ is​ also called the​ home of​ gods. the​ shrine has tremendous historical significance.

· Sekigane is​ also an​ amazing Japanese getaway. it​ is​ a​ small village that has hot water springs and coastal mountains. at​ the​ end of​ this small but calm and amazing village is​ a​ walk up through bamboo groves to​ Kamei Park.

· The Kyoto Fu peninsula is​ a​ small peninsula that makes a​ great getaway. in​ order to​ reach this peninsula you​ need to​ drive from Kumihama to​ Mineyama,​ Omiya and Miyazu. on​ the​ south of​ Omiya there is​ a​ small shrine that too is​ religiously and historically quite significant.

· The Wakasa Wan (Bay) is​ another brilliant getaway. the​ Wakasa Wan National Park is​ quite popular here.

· The Obama Bay that stretches to​ the​ Oshima Peninsula is​ also a​ brilliant getaway. Similarly the​ Tsunegami Hanto Peninsula that has Rocky Mountains is​ also worth visiting.

· You can also go to​ see the​ Tojimbo Cliffs. These are located on​ a​ point of​ the​ Echi-zen Kaigan (coast) National Park. it​ is​ a​ popular tourist attraction because of​ its exotic beauty. if​ you​ visit here don’t forget to​ go to​ the​ small fishing village,​ Anto nearby.

· The Central Mountains of​ Honshu Island are a​ big lure to​ visitors. This island has a​ collection of​ various mountains known as​ Central Alps. it​ is​ a​ great delight and lifetime opportunity to​ see these world famous ice-capped mountains.
· The Shiwaku Shoto Islands are a​ group of​ islands near Oakayama that has many small collections of​ islands in​ the​ Inland Sea. Hon-Jima and Mukkuchi-Jima islands make desirous getaways.

· Apart from these the​ place of​ Hokkaido in​ Japan is​ recognized as​ a​ top romantic getaway. Similarly there are other passionate getaways such as​ Ikspiari,​ Vinus Fort,​ Lover’s Cape and Kobe Portpia.

But this is​ just the​ tip of​ an​ iceberg for there are many other known and waiting to​ be discovered getaways in​ Japan.
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