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Italy as​ one of​ the​ most ancient European civilizations is​ unknown to​ none. Italy had been the​ land of​ Roman Empire for long. Today the​ country has a​ rich history and tradition that speaks for itself and gathers tourists from all round the​ world. Italy is​ a​ place known for its wonderful cities and their archaic art and architecture. There are great Roman structures like Roman Colosseum and Pantheon; the​ Sistine Chapel,​ sculptures by maestros Leonardo,​ Michelangelo etc. and many more attractions that can make your vacation a​ dream come true.

A Walk through the​ Italian Cities-

The cities of​ Italy are quite popular across the​ globe. For instance the​ land of​ Julius Caesar i.e. the​ city of​ Rome also known as​ the​ “Eternal City” has an​ aura of​ exotic Roman art and architecture. Rome is​ famous for its architectural masterpiece of​ the​ Colosseum,​ the​ National Gallery of​ Ancient Art which in​ itself is​ a​ magnum opus and displays the​ work of​ Bernini,​ Raphael and Titan. the​ Capitoline Museums houses the​ complete history of​ Rome,​ the​ Gallery of​ Modern Art presents the​ 19th and 20th century at​ work by eminent artists and the​ Galleria Borghese museum in​ Rome has the​ largest art collection in​ the​ world.

The city of​ Venice seeks no introduction. it​ is​ the​ city where tranquility prevails and the​ beguiling art and architecture makes everyone’s day. the​ visitors are attracted by pulls like the​ Grand Canal,​ the​ museums such as​ the​ Museum of​ Modern Art and Museum of​ Oriental Art in​ the​ Santa Croce region of​ Venice,​ which put at​ parade the​ art work from countries like Japan,​ Indonesia and China. Also worth visiting are the​ Academy of​ Fine Art and the​ Correr Museum known for its Renaissance art.

The fashion city of​ Milan has always been inviting visitors. it​ is​ a​ primary economic and cultural center of​ Italy. Milan is​ popular for the​ Romanesque architecture in​ the​ Lombardy region of​ which Milan is​ a​ part; the​ Cathedral of​ Milan that is​ a​ paradigm example of​ Gothic architecture. the​ Milan museums include some of​ the​ fascinating museums in​ the​ world. For instance the​ Brera Gallery that presents the​ tour de force of​ geniuses like Raphael and Giovanni Bellini. you​ can also gaze at​ the​ awesome “The Last Supper”,​ Jesus and his disciples at​ the​ Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie church.

Since the​ entire Italy is​ swarming with museums and art,​ the​ city of​ Florence too grounds few wonderful ones. the​ Uffizi Gallery which is​ best known for the​ art work of​ Sandro Botticelli – “Birth of​ Venus”,​ Leonardo da Vinci’s strokes,​ and apart from these the​ Dutch,​ French and Spanish work of​ art it​ displays.

Besides this,​ Florence is​ thronged for its delectable cuisine,​ hill slopes and the​ oldest archaeologically significant region of​ this place i.e. the​ Tuscany region. One among the​ wonders of​ the​ world,​ the​ Leaning Tower of​ Pisa is​ nestled in​ the​ Italian town of​ Pisa in​ the​ Tuscany region.

The Vatican City is​ a​ center of​ attraction in​ Italy particularly for magnificent Sistine Chapel,​ designed by the​ architect Baccio Pontelli and feathers added to​ it​ by Bernini. the​ galleries of​ this Chapel present some of​ the​ exclusive art works-paintings and sculptures like “run-of-the-mill”,​ the​ archaic bronze statue of​ Apoxyomenos,​ Michelangelo’s sculpture ‘The Pieta’ and so forth.

After these Italy has many other cities that have always been welcoming visitors with their pleasant surroundings and amazing art work.

So one should,​ in​ one’s life time definitely bask in​ the​ glory of​ the​ skill of​ distinguished artists,​ painters and architects,​ no where else but Italy.
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