Insider Tips For Business Travel

Insider Tips for Business Travel
As with any area of​ specialization,​ there are business travelers who always seem to​ know what they are doing and those who constantly seem to​ be in​ a​ state of​ crisis .​
the​ business traveler who has been at​ it​ a​ while figures out some insider information that not many travelers know .​
These little travel secrets make the​ world of​ difference when traveling .​
And you​ can bet they are not going to​ share this information with just anyone because this is​ the​ kind of​ information that can change the​ nature of​ your business travel forever.
Your laptop is​ a​ crucial piece of​ equipment as​ you​ travel .​
in​ an​ airport emergency situation,​ your wireless laptop can be used to​ change reservations so you​ can avoid those long lines to​ get on​ the​ next flight out .​
you​ can reserve a​ rental car or​ snag one of​ the​ few remaining hotel rooms in​ town right from the​ comfort of​ a​ seat at​ the​ airport .​
Then the​ savvy business traveler can casually stroll to​ his or​ her designation as​ others around them panic because they knew how to​ leverage technology and the​ internet to​ bail themselves out of​ a​ crisis situation.
But one aspect of​ using your laptop to​ rescue yourself when the​ airport is​ in​ shut down is​ the​ limited power of​ laptops .​
to​ see your battery go dead just when you​ needed it​ the​ most is​ like watching your ship sink as​ the​ sharks circle the​ lifeboat .​
What not many people know is​ that there are open electrical outlets in​ airports that are there for cleaning crews if​ you​ know where they are .​
Usually these outlets are just under the​ windows that overlook the​ landing strips so if​ you​ can secure a​ seat near these outlets,​ you​ can charge up your laptop and keep your lifeline to​ the​ world alive.
Business travelers also know how to​ take full advantage of​ resources that are made available to​ business travelers exclusively .​
Find hotels that cater to​ the​ traveling businessperson .​
These hotels will not have amenities for families nor are they trying to​ bring in​ busses of​ teenagers on​ the​ way to​ camp .​
So you​ can find a​ hotel with much fewer young people making noise and being a​ nuisance when you​ are trying to​ focus on​ business.
In addition to​ using businesses that cater to​ the​ business traveler,​ take advantage of​ frequent flyer and priority clubs that many airlines and hotels offer .​
If you​ are going to​ travel a​ lot,​ you​ can rack up some credits on​ those clubs,​ which can result in​ upgrades to​ first class,​ better accommodations or​ free services when you​ stay at​ your selected hotels .​
They win because they capture your travel dollar .​
you​ win because you​ get pampered for a​ while.
You can gain a​ lot of​ convenience and reduce your hassles by using a​ less popular airport to​ come into town .​
By utilizing an​ airport in​ a​ smaller town near by and renting a​ car,​ you​ get out of​ the​ congestion of​ traffic and can drive to​ your destination without that exposure to​ the​ masses all pushing and shoving to​ get through the​ major hubs.
Extra copies of​ travel documents can speed things up a​ lot especially if​ you​ are leaving the​ country .​
Often when you​ are going through customs,​ you​ must surrender your passport so the​ customs agent can make a​ copy .​
So you​ make a​ copy before you​ get there and give it​ to​ them .​
With a​ quick scan,​ they can confirm that it​ is​ a​ legitimate copy and have you​ on​ your way much quicker.
Don’t overlook how public transportation can bail you​ out of​ dealing with a​ lot of​ traffic in​ large city situations .​
in​ Washington or​ New York,​ the​ subways work exceptionally well .​
If you​ can get out of​ the​ airport area via mass transit,​ you​ can find a​ rental car location in​ town and conduct your business with less wait and without the​ traffic jams you​ would face at​ the​ airport .​
Plus airport rental car sites are more expensive than those in​ town.
These little tips can go a​ long way toward making your trip less of​ a​ hassle,​ less expensive and more successful .​
By knowing how to​ get around the​ big crowds and use the​ resources made available to​ business travelers,​ your trip will be more efficient,​ more relaxed and more successful.
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