In Out And Off Travel Tips

Air travelers who follow three simple tips,​ which can be summarized as​ IN,​ OUT,​ and OFF,​ will contribute significantly to​ steps the​ Department of​ Homeland Security (DHS) is​ taking to​ ensure aviation security and make travel as​ enjoyable as​ possible during any time of​ the​ year,​ especially during holiday seasons.

Air travel during any major holiday is​ expected to​ be heavy. the​ Transportation Security Agency (TSA) will do everything they can to​ help travelers move smoothly through security checkpoints. Employee leave will be restricted,​ managers will be working with screeners,​ and checkpoints may open earlier or​ close later,​ depending on​ the​ airport. Also,​ vendor deliveries will be scheduled during slow hours and extra attention will be given to​ preventive maintenance so screening equipment doesn't have to​ be taken off-line when the​ checkpoint is​ open.

Following the​ three travel tips will prepare air travelers to​ go through checkpoints and drastically reduce chances of​ a​ more thorough secondary screening being required. Call it​ "Three for Three" - three tips that can avoid secondary screening that,​ on​ average,​ takes three minutes per person. the​ cumulative effect can be substantial,​ especially around the​ holidays,​ because travel is​ concentrated in​ only a​ few days.

Here's what to​ do when approaching the​ checkpoint:

IN - Place all metal items in​ a​ carry-on bag while waiting in​ line. This would include coins,​ cell phone,​ keys,​ lighter,​ and any other metal.
OUT - Take laptops OUT of​ their cases.
OFF - Take coats,​ hats and shoes OFF. it​ is​ also a​ good idea to​ remove your belt if​ you​ have a​ large,​ metal buckle.

During the​ holidays,​ there are always more people traveling,​ so the​ security screening can take longer than usual. you​ can help speed it​ up by following the​ rules,​ listening to​ the​ TSA personnel,​ and coming prepared.

If you​ come prepared and are ready to​ efficiently go through the​ checkpoint,​ it​ helps the​ security screeners immensely,​ allowing them to​ concentrate on​ their security mission while making the​ travel experience more pleasant for everyone.

It also is​ a​ good time to​ revisit the​ general TSA Travel Tips that are familiar to​ frequent fliers:

Everyone,​ even frequent fliers,​ should double check the​ content of​ their pockets and bags,​ particularly carry-on luggage,​ to​ ensure no prohibited items were inadvertently packed.

Think about what you​ are wearing before going to​ the​ airport. Metal clothing or​ metal jewelry are likely to​ require additional screening.

Pack undeveloped film in​ carry-on bags. Checked baggage screening equipment will damage undeveloped film.

Wrap gifts upon arrival at​ your destination. if​ gifts require additional screening,​ screeners may have to​ un-wrap them.

Do not over pack bags. if​ screeners have to​ open them,​ closing overstuffed bags can be difficult and result in​ delays for checked baggage.

If TSA screeners need to​ open a​ locked bag for inspection they may have to​ break the​ lock. There are now products on​ the​ market that have uniform locking systems that enable TSA during a​ required inspection,​ to​ open and relock the​ bag. Passengers without such devices should consider leaving bags unlocked.

Always check the​ TSA web site before you​ travel to​ make sure you​ have the​ most current rules and policies.
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