Hotel And Shopping Tips To Enhance Your Luxury Travel Experience In Italy

Italy is​ consistently in​ the​ top five luxury travel destinations for American Express Vacation clients. Italy is​ full of​ history,​ beginning with the​ ancient Roman Empire,​ to​ the​ rise of​ the​ Vatican,​ to​ the​ Italian renaissance. Traveling to​ Italy requires certain tips to​ make your luxury travel vacation.

Hotel Tips

Though traveling to​ Italy is​ quite safe. However,​ it’s advisable and useful to​ gather some basic Italy travel tips. There are hundreds of​ small luxury hotels of​ the​ world and the​ cities of​ Italy have plenty to​ choose from. Some Italian hotels,​ and nearly all hotels in​ Rome,​ have at​ least one staff member who speaks English. Search out this person to​ ask for additional tips,​ such as​ great dining spots,​ local sights,​ public transportation and shopping areas. Staying in​ touch with family and friends can be expensive in​ Italy,​ especially if​ you​ call from your hotel. Keep in​ mind that American cell phones will not work without special international services or​ devices. And since hotels tend to​ overcharge for long-distance and international calls,​ it​ is​ best to​ make such calls from public phones,​ using international calling cards. Staying in​ a​ luxury hotel is​ quite fun,​ but if​ you​ have already been there and done that,​ it’s never too late to​ consider booking one of​ the​ many available luxury world cruises throughout the​ world.

Shopping Tips

One big draw for Italian tourists on​ a​ luxury travel trip is​ the​ shopping tour. Consider booking one of​ these guided tours,​ instead of​ charging off on​ your own. These shopping tours offer travelers a​ more comfortable way to​ "shop ‘til you​ drop." Most of​ these tours include transportation to​ several different shopping districts and stores. Your guide will speak both English and Italian,​ in​ order to​ mediate your shopping experience. Yes,​ your major credit cards,​ such as​ American Express,​ Visa and Master Card,​ will work. But keep in​ mind that most American credit cards will charge a​ hefty currency fee,​ and use the​ most unattractive exchange rates. the​ best way to​ be safe and save money would be to​ use a​ combination of​ Euro Travelers Checks,​ Euros in​ cash and a​ credit card. Pick Pocketing can be an​ unfortunate reality of​ modern travel,​ so spreading the​ type of​ money you​ carry is​ the​ best choice.

Most stores and shops in​ Italy have operating hours that can be considered different,​ at​ least in​ comparison to​ what is​ expected in​ the​ United States. Normally,​ most Italian shops are open from 9 a.m. to​ 1 p.m. Stores are usually closed between 1 and 3:30 p.m.,​ to​ allow employees a​ chance to​ have a​ family lunch. Stores usually reopen around 3:30 or​ 4 p.m.,​ and finally close around 7:30 to​ 8 p.m. in​ large cities and tourist areas,​ there is​ a​ tendency to​ stay open from 9.30 a.m. to​ 7.30 p.m.,​ with possible variations from town to​ town. Keep in​ mind that shopping etiquette in​ Italy is​ much different than in​ the​ United States. When shopping for clothing,​ take note that many stores will not allow shoppers to​ try on​ shirts and blouses. Also,​ there is​ a​ size discrepancy,​ so make sure that an​ attendant measures your body before you​ purchase. it​ is​ also customary to​ tip attendants if​ they are personally assisting you​ with fittings and selection. Whether shopping or​ relaxing in​ a​ small luxury hotel,​ a​ customary tip can go a​ long way!

Your accommodations are often considered one of​ the​ most important parts of​ your,​ so use these tips to​ make the​ most of​ your upscale hotel stay. When you​ use these American Express Tour tips to​ experience the​ best of​ small luxury hotels and high class shopping,​ you​ can enjoy yourself with no strings attached!
Hotel And Shopping Tips To Enhance Your Luxury Travel Experience In Italy Hotel And Shopping Tips To Enhance Your Luxury Travel Experience In
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